CNN exposes child slavery on Ghana's Lake Volta
7 months ago

The CNN Freedom Project exposes a shocking reality: thousands of child slaves are working right now in Ghana's lucrative fishing industry. These children don't ...

Haiti Undercover | Thirty child sex slaves rescued in undercover operation | Sunday Night
1 year ago

It's hard to underestimate the bravery of these two Australian crime fighters - half a world away from their families, they are taking on some of the most ruthless ...

Child Slavery In Ghana
2 years ago

Thousands of children like Godson, Gideon and Foli* in Ghana live in slavery on Lake Volta. These children are between 6 and 18 years old and working up to ...

Child slaves - Slavery: A 21st Century Evil
8 years ago

There are at least 8.4 million child slaves in the world today, many of them held as forced labour.

SOS: Sold Out Slaves. Kenya's growing child prostitution crisis (RT Documentary)
4 years ago

According to a 2006 UNICEF report, one Kenyan child in three is involved in underage prostitution. It is a drastic situation caused by incredibly poor living ...

Children for sale - Documentary film
2 years ago

What compells parents to sell their children? How does such traffic in humans happen? How can this be stopped? This documentary film follows the lifes of ...

Your Smartphone Was Made By Child Slave Labor - Congo Cobalt Mines
2 years ago

Your Smartphone Is Powered by Child Labor at Cobalt Mines in Africa. Human rights watchdog Amnesty International has accused several tech and auto ...

Five (5) Things You Didn't Know About Black Children During Slavery
3 years ago

CREDIT: Video: Atlanta Black Star Website: Facebook Link: Voice: Walter B. Hoye II Description: Just when you ...

The Dark Side Of Chocolate Documentary - Stop The Modern Day Child Slavery - History Channel HD
4 years ago

The Dark Side Of Chocolate Documentary - Stop The Modern Day Child Slavery - History Channel HD Delicious chocolate is an usually pleasant, generally ...

Famous Companies That Use Slavery
2 years ago

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Santa's Workshop  - Inside China's Slave Labour Toy Factories
8 years ago

Sometimes we have no choice, we work till dawn. When you work all night you become dizzy and your eyes hurt because you can't take any breaks. SANTA'S ...

7 months ago

r/Choosingbeggars are known to believe some pretty crazy things... INCLUDING WANTING TO ENSLAVE PEOPLE??? Wow, this brings us to a new level of ...

Slavery Still Exists & Our Purchases Are Why
10 months ago

Imagine your childhood without school, without your family, forced to work in physically demanding jobs… this is the life of a child exploited. But, we believe that ...

*Disturbing* Black Slave Traders Enslaving and Crippling Little Children
3 years ago

Grown black African men enslaving and crippling little African children. Viewer caution is advised-*disturbing*

Photos Of Slavery From The Past That Will Horrify You
2 years ago

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Rescuing India's children from slavery
5 years ago

India has the most child laborers in the world. Kailash Satyarthi has devoted his life to fighting that distinction.

Child Labour in Bangladesh 02#
11 months ago

In 1998, UNICEF reported that Ivory Coast farmers used enslaved children – many from surrounding countries.[138] In late 2000 a BBC documentary reported ...

The Dark Side of Chocolate - Child Slavery
7 years ago

BV 11-11 The Dark Side of Chocolate - Child Slavery "The Dark Side of Chocolate" directed by Miki Mistrati shows that young children are still being illegally ...

The Dark Side Of Chocolate (Full Documentary)
2 years ago

While we enjoy the sweet taste of chocolate, the reality is strikingly different for African children. The Dark Side of Chocolate is a documentary film about the ...

Troubled Waters: Inside the child slavery trade | CNN Freedom Project documentary
6 months ago

CNN Freedom Project investigates the root causes and potential solutions to the existence of 20000 child slaves in Ghana's lucrative fishing industry -- and one ...

This World Child Slavery
6 years ago

There are still children working and living as slaves today.

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