Former Channel 4 Director & Producer of Pro-Leave "Brexit: The Movie" on Media Bias &  Brex Snobbery
15 hours ago

Martin Durkin is an English television producer and director, particularly on Britain's Channel 4. Durkin is managing director of Wag TV, a television production ...

Empty podium for Boris Johnson - as he pulls out of Brexit event with Luxembourg’s PM
2 hours ago

It was the day BoJo went No Show. Boris Johnson, in Luxembourg for talks with EU officials, abruptly pulled out of a joint press conference with the country's ...

Liberal Democrats pledge to stop Brexit
1 day ago

No Brexit at all: that's the Liberal Democrats new policy - after delegates at the party conference here in Bournemouth voted to back Jo Swinson's pledge to stop ...

Watch Sky News live
2 months ago

Watch Sky News live. Today's top stories: Boris Johnson heads to Luxembourg for his first face-to-face Brexit negotiations with the EU, worldwide oil prices have ...

Complaints Welcome
4 weeks ago

Subscribe to Channel 4 for more: We've made a film featuring our talent bringing to life genuine complaints which viewers have made about ...

Southcliffe | Sunday, 9pm | Channel 4
6 years ago

Starts Sunday | 9pm | Channel 4 An evocative new four-part drama from award-winning writer Tony Grisoni.

Channel 4 News boss: Boris Johnson is a 'known liar'
4 weeks ago

The head of news and current affairs at Channel 4 has called Prime Minister Boris Johnson a "known liar" who is copying Putin's approach to the media and ...

David Cameron: Boris Johnson behaved "appallingly" during Brexit campaign
2 days ago

The former Prime Minister David Cameron has admitted he feels desperately worried about Britain's future - saying he thinks about the consequences of losing ...

Has Brexit broken politics forever?
3 days ago

This week we talk to two MPs elected as Tories at the last election - Phillip Lee and Damian Green. However Phillip Lee is now a Lib Dem. (Subscribe: ...

Cucumber | Channel 4
5 years ago

Original drama series from Russell T Davies exploring the passions and pitfalls of 21st century gay life, beginning with the most disastrous date night in history.

MPs back bill to block no-deal Brexit as Boris Johnson pushes for election
2 weeks ago

A special extended Channel 4 News as MPs vote on a bill to force Boris Johnson to ask for a delay to Brexit. Tonight MPs will be voting on whether to block no ...

Sami Proposes to Sinead | Tonight 6.30pm on Channel 4 | Hollyoaks
3 days ago

For help and support visit: Watch Hollyoaks on All 4: / Subscribe to the YouTube channel: ...

Brexit: can we trust politicians to do what’s right for the country?
1 week ago

What is going to happen on Monday? Will there be an election? Are we leaving the EU on the 31st? (Subscribe: This week we ...

Revealed: Johnson exploring bridge between Scotland and Northern Ireland
6 days ago

As mayor of London, Boris Johnson backed a project to build a leafy bridge over the River Thames. It was scrapped, but still cost the taxpayer tens of millions of ...

The moment parliament was suspended for five weeks amid Brexit crisis
6 days ago

This is the moment parliament was suspended for five weeks, less than two months before the Brexit deadline. (Subscribe: ...

The Mill | Sundays, 8pm | Channel 4
6 years ago

Sundays | 8pm | Channel 4 Catch up from the start on 4oD: The Mill is a historical four-part drama written by John ...

Brexit Debate: A Very British Coup?
2 weeks ago

Krishnan Guru-Murthy presents a studio debate on the Brexit crisis and the prorogation of Parliament, with voters debating the future of the UK with politicians.

Could MPs take the PM to court to force Brexit delay?
1 week ago

A cross-party group of MPs - including some former Conservatives recently expelled from the party - say they are willing to go to court to stop Boris Johnson ...

Brexit: Parliament to be suspended after MPs vote on holding election
1 week ago

After tonight, this is it for parliament until October 14th, as Downing Street confirmed business will be suspended until then. If Boris Johnson gets his way tonight, ...

Emergency Brexit debate – WATCH LIVE
1 week ago

MPs are debating a series of urgent Brexit issues in the House of Commons. Parliament is set to be suspended later today, with Brexit set for October 31st.

Poll predicts hung parliament after election - with SNP, Lib Dems gaining seats
6 days ago

Early this morning, parliament closed for five weeks in scenes of chaos and fury. During the formal ceremony, angry opposition MPs sang in the chamber in ...

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