Live: Trump to make statement about conflict between Turkey and Kurds in Syria
7 hours ago

President Trump made an announcement about the conflict between Turkey and the Kurds in northern Syria, after the Kurds largely withdrew from the region ...

Lawmakers react to Bill Taylor's testimony
23 hours ago

The top U.S. diplomat to Ukraine, Bill Taylor, testified before the House impeachment inquiry, and Democrats called it "damning." Taylor had expressed concerns ...

Packers' Aaron Rodgers on UPSET ALERT despite Mahomes injury for Chiefs | CBS Sports HQ
8 hours ago

NFL Preview with Predictions, Picks and Analysis for the Green Bay Packers vs Kansas City Chiefs in week 8. Comment below on who you think will win Sunday ...

Turkey makes deal with Russia, halts Syria offensive
8 hours ago

Turkey has halted his military offensive against Kurdish fighters in northern Syria after reaching a deal with Russia. This comes as Iraq's top military chief says ...

"Did I cause this?" CBS News correspondent Mireya Villarreal opens up about miscarriages
1 day ago

CBS News correspondent Mireya Villarreal is sharing her story of having multiple miscarriages in a new article on She also spoke with Alanis ...

Their restaurant has donated 30,000 meals, and counting
9 hours ago

They met years ago. Eventually they got engaged. Now they run a philanthropic-minded sandwich shop with a big heart. Subscribe to the CBS News Channel ...

Stop the Stigma: Karamo on mental health in minority communities, setting emotional goals
10 hours ago

"Queer Eye" star Karamo is known for helping people work through their emotions. But it's his own experience with severe depression, anxiety and drug ...

Tennessee official unleashes homophobic rant: "We've got a queer running for president"
22 hours ago

A Tennessee county commissioner launched into a homophobic rant at a local meeting Monday night, claiming that a "queer running for president" is "about as ...

Missouri Tigers created the first ever option offense | CBS Sports
19 hours ago

Did you know, according to legend, it was Missouri who created the first ever option offense? (@IZODapparel) SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL: ...

The Atlantic: "Trump’s Government Lawyers Don’t Know Who Their Real Client Is"
2 days ago

CBS News legal analyst Kim Wehle is the author of a new article in "The Atlantic" that argues White House and Justice Department lawyers are not upholding ...

Newt Gingrich on impeachment, the threat from China, and his new book
2 days ago

As trade tensions continue with China, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich warns Beijing may be the biggest threat the U.S. is facing. He joins CBSN to ...

The life and music of Janis Joplin
3 days ago

A new book about the rock and blues singer presents a portrait of a gifted, complex and challenging artist who became an iconic trailblazer during her 27 years.

Cramer Remix: Why Viacom has not worked with CBS
23 hours ago

While Viacom is a great company, CNBC's Jim Cramer says its combination with CBS has not been great for investors.

Trump urges Republicans to get tougher on impeachment
2 days ago

President Trump tried to rally his allies on Capitol Hill, again declaring the House impeachment inquiry a Democratic hit job. He lashed out at Mitt Romney for ...

CBS 2 Weather Watch (10 P.M. 10-22-19)
19 hours ago

CBS 2 Meteorologist Mary Kay Kleist has your forecast.

[CBS 뉴스] "공공성 잃은 한국교회, 복음의 본질 세상의 언어로 표현해야"
1 day ago

[CBS 뉴스] "공공성 잃은 한국교회, 복음의 본질 세상의 언어로 표현해야" [앵커] 한국교회가 사회적 신뢰와 영향력을 잃어버린 것은 극단적인 교단·...

"The Irishman": Scorsese, Pacino and De Niro together, finally
3 days ago

Director Martin Scorsese and actors Al Pacino and Robert De Niro talk with correspondent Lee Cowan about their first-ever collaboration, "The Irishman," the ...

Evil On CBS | First Look
5 months ago

"Watch the preview trailer for Evil, a psychological mystery from Michelle and Robert King, the creators of The Good Wife and The Good Fight, that examines the ...

[CBS 뉴스] 2019년10월21일
2 days ago

[CBS 뉴스] 2019년10월21일 1. 서초구청 허가증, "허가 취소시 교회측이 원상회복" 사랑의교회가 공공도로 지하공간을 점용하도록 한 서초구청의...

Three soldiers at Fort Stewart killed after military vehicle rolls into water
2 days ago

Military investigators are trying to find out what caused an armored vehicle to roll into water in Georgia, killing three soldiers. U.S. Army officials say the accident ...

[CBS 뉴스] 파워인터뷰- 장영선 다문화TV 대표, "다문화인은 돌봐야할 대상 아닌 우리 이웃입니다
10 hours ago

[CBS 뉴스] 파워인터뷰- 장영선 다문화TV 대표, "다문화인은 돌봐야할 대상 아닌 우리 이웃입니다 [앵커] 우리가 다문화 시대를 살고 있다고 말은...

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