B.C. teacher loses job at Christian school after moving in with boyfriend | CBC Go Public
2 months ago

A teacher in B.C. is speaking out after losing her job as a teacher at a Christian school because she moved in with her boyfriend. CBC Go Public's Erica Johnson ...

Companies buy updated credit card information  | CBC Go Public
3 days ago

Some third-party companies are paying banks to get access to new credit card information without the customers' knowledge. One B.C. woman tells CBC Go ...

Whistleblowers pay a high price for speaking out | CBC Go Public
8 months ago

Whistleblowers in Canada pay a high price for speaking out. A former federal fraud investigator says the government didn't protect her after she leaked ...

Hyundai recall comes too late to help Canadian family who faced emergency on icy highway | Go Public
2 months ago

A Hyundai recall comes too late to help a B.C. family who faced a life-threatening emergency on an icy highway. The CBC Go Public Team investigates.

Air Canada doesn’t follow through with compensation | CBC Go Public
3 months ago

A Toronto man says Air Canada offered him $800 after he volunteered to give up his seat on an overbooked flight, but he tells CBC Go Public the airline reneged ...

Why customers lose battles with banks | CBC Go Public
1 year ago

When customers try to fight disputes with a big bank, they're already at a loss before dealing with a complaints system that wears them down and most often ...

The Fine Print: Inside a Go Public investigation of misleading ads
11 months ago

Ever felt misled by the small print after making a purchase? A CBC News Investigation this week found lots of people have been complaining about it and finding ...

Bank should have protected senior from scam, son says | CBC Go Public
3 months ago

One of Canada's big banks should have protected a senior from a romance scam, his son tells CBC Go Public. The son says the bank should have seen red ...

Employment insurance turns into tax headache | CBC Go Public
7 months ago

An Ontario man who was mistakenly overpaid by the government for employment insurance was told to pay back not only the overpayment, but also the income ...

Pesticides on the plane | CBC Go Public
1 week ago

Airplane passengers are often not overtly told that their aircraft may be treated with an insecticide while on board. One family tells Go Public about the ...

Pregnancy, privacy and third-party marketing | CBC Go Public
3 months ago

A Toronto woman who signed up for a mailing list at a maternity store and later miscarried was shocked to receive a package of formula in the mail. She told ...

Go Public: Credit card tactics
2 years ago

Former employees who signed up customers for President's Choice Financial MasterCards say they faked signatures and were encouraged to target 'low ...

Couple claims they were driven out of workplace for being 'too gay' | CBC Go Public
5 months ago

An Alberta couple say they were driven out of their jobs for being "too gay." CBC Go Public's Rosa Marchitelli reports. Couple claims they were driven out of ...

Air Canada accused of 'lying' to customers to avoid paying for lost luggage | CBC Go Public
4 months ago

Under federal law, when an airline loses a passenger's luggage on an international flight, it can be held liable for damages up to $2100. But a Go Public ...

Truck written off by insurance returned with 'shoddy repairs' | Go Public
1 year ago

A truck written off by an insurance company was returned to its owner with “shoddy repairs.” The claim was reopened and the owners compensated after a Go ...

DIY investors fight back against trailer fees | CBC Go Public
7 months ago

Steve Pozgaj and his wife paid almost $5000 in trailer fees last year, for advice he says he never got and that discount brokers aren't legally allowed to give.

Bell’s door-to-door sales pitches misleading | CBC Go Public
1 year ago

Customers tell CBC's Go Public that Bell's door-to-door sales pitches are misleading and feature a “guaranteed” price that keeps going up. »»» Subscribe to The ...

Go Public: 'Luxury villa' was a cockroach-infested dump with 5-star reviews
3 years ago

Couple relied on VRBO reviews, but Go Public's test of system reveals fake reviews easy to post. To read more: http://www.cbc.ca/1.3535896 »»» Subscribe to ...

Senior loses $250K in investment scheme, police 'unwilling' to investigate | CBC Go Public
5 months ago

The daughter of a Kingston, Ont., senior who lost $250000 after his accountant encouraged him to invest in a "questionable" financial scheme says police did ...

Drivers take on car insurance companies in Canada | CBC Go Public
11 months ago

Drivers are taking on car insurance companies for coverage they can't get in Canada: compensation for the value a vehicle loses after being damaged in a crash ...

What happens when banks lose deposits | Go Public
1 year ago

When a bank loses a deposit, who's on the hook? These customers of TD and Scotiabank tell CBC's Go Public that they waited months to access money they ...

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