Myths About the Catholic Church
2 months ago

As the Word on Fire Institute launches a new course by Dr. Christopher Kaczor on “Myths of the Catholic Church,” Bishop Barron and host Jared Zimmerer talk ...

The Catholic Church is a Force for Good in the World - Full Version
4 years ago

Want to join the debate? Check out the Intelligence Squared website to hear about future live events and podcasts: Stephen ...

Amid more revelations of Catholic Church abuse and cover-up, survivors galvanize
8 months ago

This year saw more appalling revelations about the Catholic Church and the behavior of many priests, exposing just how long some dioceses knew of and ...

Catholic nuns accused of sexual misconduct
7 months ago

CBS News correspondent Nikki Battiste joined CBSN to discuss new sexual abuse allegations in the Catholic Church. At least 18 people have come forward to ...

Bishop Barron on Why Catholics Leave the Church
7 years ago

Another part of a video series from Bishop Barron will be commenting on subjects from modern day culture. For more visit ...

Shapiro blasts media coverage of Catholic Church crisis
12 months ago

Hailed for his progressive views on homosexuality and climate change, Pope Francis is facing growing scrutiny amid the sex abuse crisis in Catholic Church.

Is the Catholic Church Really the One, True Church? (#AskBishopBarron)
10 years ago

Each week I welcome questions through Facebook and Twitter (using the #AskBishopBarron hashtag) and through our blog at Stay tuned for ...

I Was Sexually Abused By The Catholic Church
3 years ago

We decided to keep it quiet because it was better that way.” Follow all your BuzzFeed favorites in one app! Get the BuzzFeed Video app here: ...

Sunday Catholic Mass Today | Daily TV Mass (August 11 2019)
1 week ago

Father Frank Freitas For more information visit our website Follow us on Facebook - Donate now ...

Abuse in the Catholic Church | DW Documentary
2 months ago

Child abuse in the Catholic Church was long a taboo subject, kept under wraps by senior church dignitaries. But in the pursuit of justice, the Church's inactivity ...

Pope Francis addresses Catholic Church sexual abuse crisis
12 months ago

Catholics have been angry about the church's response and "cover-up" of sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests.

The Catholic Church Is Losing its Mothers
9 months ago

It's no longer a secret that the Catholic Church suffers from a pervasive, decades-old child-sex-abuse epidemic, perpetrated by “a huge network of men: priests ...

How the Catholic Church Hid Away Hundreds of Irish Children | Times Documentaries
2 years ago

Ireland wanted to forget, but the dead don't always stay buried. One woman made it her mission to unearth the truth. Subscribe on YouTube: ...

Catholic Priest Leaves Church, Marries Parishioner
9 years ago

The Rev. Albert Cutie's kiss with the woman he loved caught on camera. For more, click here: ...

Betrayal : Abuse in the Catholic Church in Nova Scotia (2010) - the fifth estate
3 years ago

Betrayal tells the story of childhood abuse victims in Nova Scotia, who continued to feel profound hurt and damage as adults. Searching for restitution for their ...

Abuse Documentary: The Shame of the Catholic Church | Retro Report | The New York Times
5 years ago

Sexual abuse in the Catholic Church has been making headlines for years. Some priests have been punished, but what about the bishops who shielded them?

Why Doesn't the Catholic Church Give Away Its Riches? (#AskBishopBarron)
10 years ago

Each week I welcome questions through Facebook and Twitter (using the #AskBishopBarron hashtag) and through our blog at Stay tuned for ...

10 Reasons Why I Left the Roman Catholic Church | SHOCKING Confession
4 months ago

Source Video: 02:09 - The Pope is Not the Holy Father 03:44 - Mary Can't Hear Your Prayers 05:21 - Priests Can't Forgive Your ...

How the Catholic Church censored Hollywood's Golden Age
1 year ago

For decades Hollywood studios needed to follow a strict set of moral guidelines if they wanted their movies to get made. Subscribe to our channel!

Gay priest: Roman Catholic Church 'violently homophobic' - BBC News
4 years ago

A senior Vatican priest, Krzysztof Charamsa, stripped of his post after admitting being in a gay relationship, tells BBC News why he wrote to the Pope criticising ...

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