Cambodia’s descent into dictatorship under the Hun Sen regime | Four Corners
12 months ago

Years after Cambodia's bloody civil war, hopes for democracy have faded. In this Four Corners investigation, reporter Sophie McNeill confronts the man whose ...

Hun Sen's ruling party wins every province in Cambodia election
12 months ago

Cambodia's ruling Cambodian People's Party was swept overwhelmingly back into power on Sunday (Jul 29), preliminarily securing an estimated 80 per cent of ...

'Engineered' corruption claims? Son of Cambodian PM Hun Sen raises suspicions as election nears
12 months ago

In an interview with Channel NewsAsia, Hun Many, the son of the Cambodian prime minister, said the timing of damning allegations against senior ruling ...

Cambodia - Khmer Rouge politics
4 years ago

T/I: 10:15:21 GS 10:24:09 (13/03/1998) For more than three decades, Pol Pot ruthlessly controlled the Khmer Rouge. He is most notoriously known for his reign ...

Opinion | Democracy is dying in Cambodia. The world has one last chance to help.
2 years ago

The Cambodian government has jailed opposition leader Kem Sokha for alleged treason. Here, his daughter Monovithya Kem of the Cambodia National ...

🇰🇭 Cambodia's Deadly Politics | 101 East
3 years ago

They've endured genocide, war and grinding poverty, and now the people of Cambodia appear to be battling another enemy, with a crackdown on opposition ...

Cambodia Politics
12 years ago

April 2006 Earlier this year it appeared Cambodia was sliding into an all out dictatorship. But weeks before an important donor meeting the leader has pardoned ...

How Corrupt Was Cambodia's Election? | NowThis World
11 months ago

Cambodia just had a major election, but there wasn't much suspense involved. The outcome of the Cambodia election 2018, as expected, was declared a win ...

Exiled Cambodian opposition leader slams 'constitutional coup'
2 years ago

Subscribe to France 24 now: FRANCE 24 live news stream: all the latest news 24/7 Cambodia is in crisis. Earlier ...

The Corrupt And Violent Elite Ruling Cambodia
5 years ago

Justice or Else (1998) - Life after the Khmer Rouge has not been as peaceful as hoped. Army corruption, vigilante violence and police brutality have become the ...

Cambodian Democracy Is On Tenterhooks (1996)
12 years ago

Democracy Endangered (1996): Since the Khmer Rouge's demise in Cambodia, democracy has been a struggling ideal, and progress is very slow.

Deadly Politics - Cambodia
11 years ago

Aug 2003 Since the early 1980s, Prime Minister Hun Sen has ruled Cambodia with an iron fist. As rival politicians have found out, opposing him can be a deadly ...

4 years ago

English/Nat Victims of a weekend grenade on an opposition political rally were cremated on Wednesday amid calls for international help to safeguard elections ...

Cambodian political rivals say agreement reached
4 years ago

Cambodia's yearlong political deadlock appeared to be resolved on Tuesday as Prime Minister Hun Sen and his rivals agreed on political reforms and the ...

Cambodia - Crackdown by Hun Sen
4 years ago

T/I: 11:15:32 Tension heightened in the Cambodian city of Phnom Penh Monday (7/9) after Premier Hun Sen ordered the arrest of opposition leader, Sam ...

The strongman's son: Cambodia's new political dynasty
6 years ago

Cambodia's long-ruling party faces a rare leadership dilemma -- how do you replace a strongman premier who has run the country almost single-handedly for ...

Cambodia Elections: Cambodia heading to the polls on Sunday
12 months ago

Cambodians head to the polls on Sunday in an election that has been widely condemned as a sham. The EU and US are refusing to send international ...

Critics of Cambodia's Hun Sen refuse to be silenced in Australia
1 year ago

From the safety of suburban Australia, Bou Rachna recalls her husband Kem Ley, a prominent Cambodian political analyst, who was shot dead at a Phnom ...

Cambodian election: Doubts over democracy before vote
2 years ago

Rights groups are worried that Cambodia's general election later this year will not be free and fair. The government has dissolved the main opposition party and ...

Cambodians vote in 'sham' election without opposition
12 months ago

Cambodian voters cast their ballot at a pagoda in Phnom Penh in elections devoid of credible opposition to challenge the country leader Hun Sen's 33-year rule.

Hun Sen renamed Cambodia PM as opposition boycotts parliament
4 years ago

Ruling party lawmakers in Cambodia officially extended Prime Minister Hun Sen's rule for another five years on Tuesday, renaming the longtime leader in a ...

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