Constitutional crisis as Speaker tells MPs he could block third Brexit vote
15 hours ago

Theresa May's attempt to get parliament to agree to her Brexit deal suffered another major setback today, after the Commons Speaker said he might stop the ...

Speaker says May cannot have vote on same Brexit deal
18 hours ago

In a surprise statement to MPs, John Bercow says government cannot bring meaningful vote back to parliament again unless substantial changes have been ...

U.K. Speaker Says Lawmakers Can't Vote On Theresa May's Brexit Deal For A Third Time | TIME
16 hours ago

U.K. Speaker Says Lawmakers Can't Vote on Theresa May's Brexit Deal For a Third Time. Subscribe to TIME ▻▻ Get closer to the ...

U.K.'s Speaker Blocks May's Plan to Put Brexit Deal to Another Vote
17 hours ago

Mar.18 -- House of Commons Speaker John Bercow dealt a major blow to Theresa May's Brexit strategy by effectively banning her from bringing her deal back to ...

House Speaker rules out third vote on same Brexit deal
15 hours ago

The UK Parliament discusses if Article 50 can be delayed- after the House Speaker said the government cannot legitimately resubmit to the house the same ...

Brexit vote ruling - Dr Hannah White, BBC News
15 hours ago

Dr Hannah White, IfG Deputy Director, talks to BBC presenter Huw Edwards about the impact of the Speaker's ruling on a third meaningful vote (18/03/2019).

Brexit : l'impossible vote ?
3 hours ago

Le gouvernement britannique espère faire revoter une troisième fois les députés sur l'accord de sortie de l'Union européenne mais le président de la Chambre ...

May goes to Europe seeking last-minute concessions before Brexit vote
1 week ago

After a day of will she or won't she go back to Europe to try again for a deal, Theresa May is right now on her way to Strasbourg for a last-minute meeting with ...

Nigel Farage Reacts on the Vote to Delay Brexit | Good Morning Britain
4 days ago

Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage MEP speaks to GMB as MPs vote to delay Brexit after Theresa May's Brexit deal was also voted against earlier in the week.

MPs vote overwhelmingly to delay Brexit
5 days ago

MPs have instructed Theresa May to seek an extension to the withdrawal process from the EU, delaying Brexit beyond 29 March. Earlier in the day, MPs voted ...

MPs inflict further Brexit defeats on May in no-deal votes
6 days ago

MPs have voted against the idea of Britain leaving the EU without a deal, clearing the way for Brexit to be delayed. In chaotic scenes, the government whipped ...

UK MPs reject a no-deal Brexit   - BBC News
6 days ago

MPs have voted by 312 to 308 to reject leaving the EU without a withdrawal agreement. It is not a legally-binding decision - and it does not rule out the UK ...

Watch again: British MPs debate extending Brexit deadline ahead of vote
5 days ago

British MPs are debating whether to back extending the Brexit deadline beyond March 29. It comes in a tumultuous week for the UK's divorce from the European ...

Brexit: U.K. lawmakers vote to delay EU divorce, reject second referendum
5 days ago

U.K. lawmakers voted on Thursday in Parliament 412-202 in favour of supporting Article 50, a motion where the government will seek to delay Britain's departure ...

MPs debate delaying Brexit ahead of vote – watch live
4 days ago

Subscribe to Guardian News on YouTube ▻ Support the Guardian ▻ Today in Focus ...

UK parliament votes against no-deal Brexit
5 days ago

Try the Financial Times for 4 weeks for just £1. Start your trial now - ▻ Read more at MPs voted by 321 to 278 to ...

U.K.'s Corbyn Calls for a Public Vote on Brexit
5 days ago

Mar.14 -- U.K. opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn speaks in the House of Commons in London after Parliament voted to back Prime Minister ...

MPs vote to seek delay to Brexit - BBC News
5 days ago

MPs have voted by 413 to 202 - a majority of 211 - for Prime Minister Theresa May to ask the EU for a delay to Brexit. It means the UK may not now leave on 29 ...

Live: MPs debate Brexit amendments ahead of Article 50 extension vote | ITV News
5 days ago

MPs are debating four amendments ahead of another crunch Brexit vote on whether to request an extension of Article 50. More coverage at ...

British lawmakers will vote Thursday about delaying Brexit
5 days ago

Britain's Parliament voted Wednesday to not leave the European Union without a deal. Brexit is set to happen on March 29, and Parliament will vote Thursday to ...

How will today’s No-deal Brexit vote affect GBP?
6 days ago

Brexit remains the single biggest GBP risk. Nick Kilbey, from Foenix Partners, says that if tonight's vote is in favour of keeping a no-deal Brexit as an option the ...

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