Brexit Party looking for votes in the EU Parliament | Dispatch
4 days ago

Nigel Farage is leading the rise of the Brexit party in the EU election, with the goal to get voted in to be able to vote Britain out. Welcome to The National, the ...

Watch chaos in Parliament after Brexit votes fail
2 months ago

None of the eight options that British lawmakers voted on previously got majority support from MPs. Conservative lawmaker Oliver Letwin, the architect of the ...

Three Years After Brexit The U.K. Continues To Vote In Parliament, But Why? | NBC News NOW
3 days ago

NBC's Sarah Harman breaks down the politics behind the complicated election » Subscribe to NBC News: » Watch more ...

WATCH: UK Parliament votes down Theresa May's Brexit deal
2 months ago

Stream your PBS favorites with the PBS app: Find more from PBS NewsHour at Subscribe to our ...

Parliament debates and votes on May's Brexit deal – watch live
4 months ago

Parliament concludes debate on Theresa May's Brexit deal with a vote expected to take place at the conclusion of the debate. May is widely expected to lose the ...

UK Brexit lawmakers take questions in parliament
1 week ago

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British Parliament overwhelmingly rejects Theresa May's Brexit deal | ABC News
4 months ago

The House of Commons has voted 432-202 to defeat Prime Minister Theresa May's proposed deal to leave the European Union. After the vote, Mrs May ...

Theresa May's Brexit deal suffers third defeat in Parliament
2 months ago

Members of Parliament have rejected UK Prime Minister Theresa May's withdrawal agreement for the third time, plunging Brexit into further uncertainty. #CNN ...

MPs debate Theresa May's Brexit withdrawal agreement ahead of vote – watch live
2 months ago

Today was the day that the UK was supposed to be leaving the EU, two years after Theresa May sent the letter triggering article 50. But instead the House of ...

Theresa May defends Brexit delay in parliament
1 month ago

British Prime Minister Theresa May defended on Thursday her decision to delay Brexit and seek a compromise exit plan with the opposition Labour Party.

Theresa May makes statement on her 'New Brexit Deal' - watch live
4 days ago

Theresa May takes questions in parliament, followed by a statement on her new, amended Brexit deal. Politics live with Andrew Sparrow ...

Brexit leader booed at EU parliament
3 years ago

U.K. Independence Party leader Nigel Farage gave his first speech in the European Union parliament since the Brexit vote. He was not received warmly.

May updates Parliament on Brexit negotiations after EU summit - watch live
2 months ago

Theresa May has told MPs she does not have enough support to win a third meaningful vote on her Brexit deal. Subscribe to Guardian News on YouTube ...

MPs debate Theresa May's revised Brexit deal in parliament – watch live
2 months ago

Theresa May puts a new backstop plan to her cabinet and the House of Commons as Jeremy Corbyn calls on MPs to reject the deal. Subscribe to Guardian ...

Parliament debates Brexit - watch live
3 months ago

Theresa May returns to parliament to update the lower chamber on Brexit talks on a day when lawmakers may try again to wrest control over Britain's departure ...

Parliament votes on Brexit deal with Europe
4 months ago

Lawmakers in Britain's Parliament consider the Brexit deal Prime Minister Theresa May struck with European leaders. Subscribe to The Washington Post on ...

European Parliament elections 2019: The effect of British MEPs' long goodbye to Brussels
3 days ago

UK MEPs are saying a long goodbye to Brussels, but what impact will their presence have on the new European parliament and what will happen when they ...

Not enough parliamentary support to hold third Brexit vote, says Theresa May
2 months ago

The government currently lacks the parliamentary support to hold a third vote on its Brexit deal, Theresa May admitted in a statement to the House of Commons.

European Parliament debates Brexit - watch live
4 months ago

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Parliament debates another round of Brexit indicative votes - watch live
2 months ago

Lawmakers in parliament are expected to debate and vote on another round of indicative votes relating to the UK's withdrawal from and future relationship with ...

Parliament Must Do a No-Deal/WTO Brexit: Habib
4 days ago

May.22 -- Ben Habib, Brexit Party MEP candidate and chief executive officer at First Property Group, discusses the remaining options for delivering Brexit.

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