Bercow defends Parliament after Brexit delay: 'None of you is a traitor'
2 days ago

John Bercow has defended MPs against Theresa May's accusation that they are frustrating the will of the people over Brexit. Addressing the House of Commons, ...

Brexit: May antagonizes UK Parliament with public address | DW News
2 days ago

Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel has confirmed that the EU could approve Britain's request for a short extension to Brexit. Merkel told German lawmakers ...

EU parliament will have final say on Brexit withdrawal agreement: EU lawmaker | Squawk Box Europe
2 days ago

David McAllister, chair of the European Parliament Committee on Foreign Affairs, discusses Brexit and the upcoming EU summit.

House of Commons holds emergency Brexit debate - watch live
2 days ago

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European Council President Says Brexit Delay Is Only Possible If U.K. Parliament Passes Deal | TIME
3 days ago

European Council President Donald Tusk has given a tentative greenlight to Britain's request to delay Brexit but says EU approval comes with a condition.

WATCH: UK Parliament votes down Theresa May's Brexit deal
2 weeks ago

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MPs debate Theresa May's revised Brexit deal in parliament – watch live
1 week ago

Theresa May puts a new backstop plan to her cabinet and the House of Commons as Jeremy Corbyn calls on MPs to reject the deal. Subscribe to Guardian ...

British Parliament overwhelmingly rejects Theresa May's Brexit deal | ABC News
2 months ago

The House of Commons has voted 432-202 to defeat Prime Minister Theresa May's proposed deal to leave the European Union. After the vote, Mrs May ...

Parliament votes on Brexit deal with Europe
2 months ago

Lawmakers in Britain's Parliament consider the Brexit deal Prime Minister Theresa May struck with European leaders. Subscribe to The Washington Post on ...

UK Parliament votes to reject "No-Deal" Brexit
1 week ago

After a searing defeat for Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit deal, the U.K. Parliament votes later today on whether to leave the EU without any deal. FOX News ...

Brexit: parliament rejects Theresa May's deal
2 months ago

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Parliament debates and votes on May's Brexit deal – watch live
2 months ago

Parliament concludes debate on Theresa May's Brexit deal with a vote expected to take place at the conclusion of the debate. May is widely expected to lose the ...

Parliament debates Brexit - watch live
1 month ago

Theresa May returns to parliament to update the lower chamber on Brexit talks on a day when lawmakers may try again to wrest control over Britain's departure ...

UK parliament votes against no-deal Brexit
1 week ago

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UK parliament debate on Brexit draft agreement with EU
4 months ago

UK prime minister Theresa May faced a hostile parliament after delivering a statement on the EU and UK agreeing on the Brexit draft text. For more info, please ...

Constitutional crisis as Speaker tells MPs he could block third Brexit vote
5 days ago

Theresa May's attempt to get parliament to agree to her Brexit deal suffered another major setback today, after the Commons Speaker said he might stop the ...

Brexit: MPs 'are not traitors', says Parliament Speaker
2 days ago

"All of you are doing your best."… READ MORE : What are the top ...

Brexit: MPs debate whether to leave EU without a deal following May's defeat - watch live
1 week ago

MPs debate a no-deal Brexit in the House of Commons after Theresa May's withdrawal proposal was defeated on Tuesday Subscribe to Guardian News on ...

Brexit LIVE: Parliament debates Brexit preparations
3 days ago

THERESA May is set to ask the EU for a short Brexit delay today as Brits are "fed up" with politicians' dithering more than 1000 days after they voted OUT.

May ‘profoundly regrets’ parliament voting down Brexit deal
2 weeks ago

Theresa May said she profoundly regretted parliament rejecting her Brexit deal for a second time on Tuesday, 17 days before the planned departure date.

Theresa May updates Parliament on Brexit negotiations – watch live
1 month ago

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