WATCH LIVE: UK Prime Minister Theresa May holds Brexit news conference
7 months ago

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Brexit: Theresa May urges MPs to back her plan - BBC News
1 month ago

Theresa May has urged MPs to support her new Brexit plan, despite a backlash against it from MPs across the Commons. In a statement outlining the ...

UK heading for no-deal Brexit if MPs reject agreement, says Macron
3 months ago

The French president has said that if British MPs reject Theresa May's withdrawal deal next week, it will 'guide everybody to a no-deal [Brexit]'. Emmanuel ...

UK PM Theresa May's Brexit statement- BBC News
5 months ago

Theresa May says concerns have been expressed about leaving the EU without a deal, with calls for it to be ruled out. She says the best way to rule out a no ...

UK kicks off European elections despite Brexit turmoil | DW News
1 month ago

Polls for European parliamentary elections have opened across the United Kingdom - despite more than half of voters saying they wanted to leave the European ...

Brexit: Will the UK take part in EU elections? | DW News
3 months ago

British Prime Minister Theresa May has asked the EU for yet another extension to Brexit, saying the UK needs more time to avoid leaving the EU without a ...

UK Brexit lawmakers take questions in parliament
1 month ago

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May responds after Brexit vote defeat - BBC News
5 months ago

Theresa May says it is clear MPs do not support the deal. However, she says that "tonight's vote tells us nothing about what it does support, nothing about how or ...

U.K. Lawmakers Vote For Brexit Delay | NBC News
3 months ago

After rejecting the idea of a second referendum, Parliament approved asking E.U. leaders for the March 29 deadline to be extended. » Subscribe to NBC News: ...

U.K. Parliament scrambles to solve Brexit crisis
3 months ago

The British Parliament dealt Prime Minister Theresa May yet another blow yesterday, rejecting all four alternatives to her deal to exit the European Union.

'No-deal' Brexit advice to be published by UK government - BBC News
10 months ago

Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab will say the UK is prepared to take "unilateral action" to maintain continuity whatever the EU does - but insists they're confident of ...

In UK, Farage's Brexit party storms to EU election victory
4 weeks ago

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Dominic Raab says the UK needs to leave the EU at the current deadline
1 week ago

Tory leadership candidate Dominic Raab claims the Conservative Party "will be toast if we're not out [of the EU] by the end of October" and says they "cannot win ...

How Brexit has broken the UK's two-party political system
4 weeks ago

Read more at FT political editor George Parker says the European elections have exposed how both Britain's ruling Conservative and ...

U.K. Parliament votes down Theresa May's Brexit deal
5 months ago

British lawmakers overwhelmingly rejected Prime Minister Theresa May's divorce deal with the European Union, plunging the Brexit process into chaos.

Brexit vote: What exactly MPs are voting on? - BBC News
3 months ago

Today should have been the day the UK officially left the EU. But Parliament still hasn't come to an agreement on the best way forward for Brexit. On Thursday ...

Brexit: Michael Gove says UK voters can change final deal - BBC News
2 years ago

Voters can use the next general election to have their say on a final Brexit deal, Michael Gove has said. The environment secretary praised Theresa May's ...

Brexit delayed: MPs vote to delay UK’s exit from EU beyond March 29 | ITV News
3 months ago

MPs have voted to delay Brexit beyond the scheduled date of March 29 amid dramatic scenes in the House of Commons. Parliamentarians backed putting off ...

Will the UK leave the EU on March 29? | Brexit
3 months ago

Despite securing a 'legally binding' amendment to the Irish back-stop, Alexandra Kellert, from Control Risks, says Theresa May is still expected to lose tonight's ...

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt vie for power and Brexit vision
4 days ago

The FT's Miranda Green looks at the final showdown in the battle to become Tory party leader and the next UK prime minister. ▻ Subscribe to here: ...

European Union leaders offer the U.K. a Brexit delay until Oct. 31
2 months ago

European Union leaders agreed early Thursday to offer Britain a delay to its EU departure date until the end of October. Welcome to The National, the flagship ...

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