Speaker says May cannot have vote on same Brexit deal
18 hours ago

In a surprise statement to MPs, John Bercow says government cannot bring meaningful vote back to parliament again unless substantial changes have been ...

U.K. Speaker Says Lawmakers Can't Vote On Theresa May's Brexit Deal For A Third Time | TIME
16 hours ago

U.K. Speaker Says Lawmakers Can't Vote on Theresa May's Brexit Deal For a Third Time. Subscribe to TIME ▻▻ http://po.st/SubscribeTIME Get closer to the ...

Brexit: Are we in a constitutional crisis? - BBC Newsnight
10 hours ago

The Speaker John Bercow has thrown a spanner in the prime minister's Brexit works. Subscribe to our channel here: https://goo.gl/31Q53F The Speaker John ...

The UK will get a Brexit deal 'one way or another': The Motley Fool | Street Signs Asia
1 day ago

David Kuo of The Motley Fool Singapore says investors and the U.K. Parliament are suffering from "fatigue" over the Brexit issue. He says he doesn't expect ...

U.K.'s Speaker Blocks May's Plan to Put Brexit Deal to Another Vote
16 hours ago

Mar.18 -- House of Commons Speaker John Bercow dealt a major blow to Theresa May's Brexit strategy by effectively banning her from bringing her deal back to ...

Fareed on Brexit: Britain suddenly looks like a banana republic
2 days ago

CNN's Fareed Zakaria reviews the historical path that led to Brexit, as well as the potential consequences it could have on Britain and the West. #CNN #News.

BREXIT: Urgent questions about extension to Article 50
17 hours ago

UK's House of Commons, MPs discuss Brexit, including Article 50 Brexit negotiation extension procedure. What are the top stories today? Click to watch: ...

James Cleverly says Speaker should have raised Brexit deal ban before
14 hours ago

John Bercow told the Commons today that another vote on Theresa May's EU withdrawal agreement cannot take place if the motion is substantially the same as ...

Brexit vote ruling - Dr Hannah White, BBC News
15 hours ago

Dr Hannah White, IfG Deputy Director, talks to BBC presenter Huw Edwards about the impact of the Speaker's ruling on a third meaningful vote (18/03/2019).

Former minister welcomes Speaker's ruling on PM's Brexit deal
14 hours ago

The Commons Speaker cited a 400-year-old Commons precedent to inflict an extraordinary blow to Mrs May's hopes of getting her EU divorce through ...

Brexit: third time lucky for Theresa May?
4 days ago

Try the Financial Times for 4 weeks for just £1. Start your trial now - http://bit.ly/2ry7Tkz FT political commentator Robert Shrimsley examines the prime minister's ...

UK MPs reject a no-deal Brexit   - BBC News
6 days ago

MPs have voted by 312 to 308 to reject leaving the EU without a withdrawal agreement. It is not a legally-binding decision - and it does not rule out the UK ...

Jacob Rees-Mogg says he is thinking of backing May's Brexit deal
16 hours ago

The Commons Speaker cited a 400-year-old Commons precedent to inflict an extraordinary blow to Mrs May's hopes of getting her EU divorce through ...

No One Knows How Theresa May Has Survived Brexit This Long (HBO)
4 days ago

After more than two years of negotiating Brexit, the British Parliament still has absolutely no idea what it wants. On Wednesday lawmakers in London backed an ...

Theresa May says clear majority against no-deal Brexit
5 days ago

Prime minister says Commons has provided clear majority against leaving the EU without a deal after MPs inflict fresh defeat. May had promised MPs a free vote ...

MPs vote to seek delay to Brexit - BBC News
5 days ago

MPs have voted by 413 to 202 - a majority of 211 - for Prime Minister Theresa May to ask the EU for a delay to Brexit. It means the UK may not now leave on 29 ...

Nigel Farage Reacts on the Vote to Delay Brexit | Good Morning Britain
4 days ago

Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage MEP speaks to GMB as MPs vote to delay Brexit after Theresa May's Brexit deal was also voted against earlier in the week.

Brexit vote defeat: 'Country in despair' - BBC Newsnight
6 days ago

Labour and Conservative frontbenchers, Barry Gardiner and Nadhim Zahawi, clash on Newsnight. Subscribe to our channel here: https://goo.gl/31Q53F As MPs ...

Brexit’s Delayed – Here’s What’s Next For The UK | NBC News Signal
4 days ago

It's been a crazy week in London where Parliament has been trying to figure out what comes next for Brexit, the UK's breakup with the EU. After three critical ...

Former European Commission president, Romano Prodi, on Brexit "this is really a mess"
4 days ago

Brexit chaos is dominating the headlines. Euronews asked the opinion of the former head of the executive body of the EU and Italian prime minister…

British lawmakers have rejected a no-deal Brexit
6 days ago

British Prime Minister Theresa May has reiterated to MPs that while they have voted to reject a no-deal Brexit, it remains the default option if the UK cannot reach ...

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