Boris Johnson vs Jeremy Corbyn - where next for Brexit Britain?
5 hours ago

With Boris Johnson looking like the favourite to win the Tory leadership contest and become Prime Minister, political commentators Isabel Hardman (The ...

No-deal Brexit: MPs vote to stop PM proroguing parliament
22 hours ago

MPs have inflicted yet another defeat on the Government over Brexit - backing a move which could stop the next Prime Minister shutting down Parliament to ...

MPs Vote to Block Prorogation (Forced No Deal) - Brexit Explained
8 hours ago

Support TLDR on Patreon: Last Week's Prorogation Vote: Prorogation Explained: ...

Is the media biased on Brexit? | The Pledge
2 hours ago

Michelle Dewberry thinks Brexit supporters are an "after thought" and are being heavily outnumbered by Remainers in media coverage. She thinks this is ...

MPs vote to stop no deal Brexit prorogation of parliament!
21 hours ago

Our elected representatives in the House of Commons have voted this afternoon to prevent an incoming Prime Minister from proroguing parliament in the pursuit ...

MPs approve amendment to make no-deal Brexit more difficult
1 day ago

MPs have easily passed a backbench amendment which seeks to block any attempt by a future government to prorogue parliament to ensure a no-deal Brexit, ...

Second Brexit Referendum Infighting!
1 day ago

Supporters of a second referendum are fighting amongst themselves on how to package their campaign for the punters, reports PLEASE ...

MPs vote to recall parliament if suspended to stop no deal Brexit
1 day ago

MPs vote on an amendment to the Northern Ireland (Executive Formation) Bill that would slam shut the door to a no deal Brexit by allowing Parliament to return if ...

Lords Move to block a no deal Brexit Prorogation!
2 days ago

The House of Lords has voted against the government to put in place measures to try and block parliament being prorogued by a new Prime Minister intent on ...

Philip Hammond says he greatly fears the impact of a no-deal Brexit
24 hours ago

The chancellor Philip Hammond has said he 'greatly fears' the cost of a no-deal Brexit to the British economy. Speaking at the G7 in France Hammond said that ...

MPs debate amendment to Parliament if suspended in run-up to Brexit
1 day ago

MPs vote on an amendment to the Northern Ireland (Executive Formation) Bill that would slam shut the door to a no deal Brexit by making it harder to suspend ...

Brexit secretary Steve Barclay says no-deal Brexit is more likely than people assume
2 days ago

While giving evidence to the Commons Brexit committee, Brexit secretary Stephen Barclay on Wednesday hinted that a no-deal Brexit was more likely than ...

Boris Johnson says his first job as PM is to dish out no-deal Brexit warnings | ITV News
2 days ago

Boris Johnson has said his first task as prime minister will be to warn people about the risks of leaving the EU without a deal, should he win the Tory leadership ...

Brits wonder if Trump will back them up post-Brexit
2 days ago

On its way out of the European Union, the U.K. may need its old friend to lend a hand. But as Simon Bates says in this week's "London Calling," the man likely to ...

Many Europeans now understand the importance of EU because of Brexit: Academic | Capital Connection
2 days ago

It will take a bit longer to bring the pro-European spirit back to the European Commission, says Antonio Fatas, professor of economics at Insead.

Boris Johnson Plan to Prorogue Parliament!
2 days ago

The Boris Johnson Campaign team is reported to be putting together a plan to prorogue parliament for the final two weeks in October to stymie any plans by ...

New European Commission president offers hope and warning over Brexit deal
3 days ago

The new European Commission president has spoken to Sky News about her view on where Brexit negotiations should go ahead of the 31 October deadline.

Brexit: Rod Liddle and People's Vote's Tom Baldwin on 'betrayal' - BBC Newsnight
3 days ago

Three years on from the Brexit vote, the UK is still in the EU. Subscribe to our channel here: Columnist and author Rod Liddle calls it 'The ...

Brexit is going to continue to be a 'big mess': Professor | Street Signs Asia
2 days ago

James Crabtree of the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy discusses next steps for the European Central Bank and Brexit. He says Europe is increasingly ...

Difficult to see if Boris Johnson can deliver the Brexit he wants: Academic | Capital Connection
3 days ago

The outlook for British politics is changing and by shifting too much to the right, the Conservative Party could lose some of its voters to the middle ground, says ...

Theresa May gives her final speech as PM | Live replay
2 days ago

Theresa May delivers a speech on the state of politics domestically and internationally followed by Q&A. Who will be the next UK Prime Minister? Latest odds on ...

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