Brexit explained: what happens when the UK leaves the EU?
6 months ago

Here's our guide to how Brexit will affect you. (Click to subscribe for more Channel 4 News videos.

A Brief History of Brexit for Americans | March 6, 2019 Act 3 | Full Frontal on TBS
2 weeks ago

Are you an American having a hard time understanding Brexit? Allow Amy Hoggart to translate it for you. Produced by Tyler Hall with Lauren Walker. Edited by ...

Why MPs Hate May's Brexit Statement - Brexit Explained
1 day ago

On Wednesday Theresa May spoke to the nation to explain her approach for Brexit going forward. However, at least one group weren't keen on her message.

May's New Plan to Extend Brexit - Brexit Explained
2 days ago

Bercow Changes Brexit: Yesterday May released a statement laying out her plan for Brexit going forward. She announces the ...

Brexit Explained - An Article 50 special as Theresa May pulls the trigger on EU membership
2 years ago

Theresa May pulls the trigger: the process of Britain leaving the EU is under way. There is no turning back, said the PM. The two-year countdown to Brexit has ...

How Bercow Changed the Future of Brexit - Brexit Explained
4 days ago

Until yesterday there had been rumours that May was planning to bring back her deal for a third meaningful vote. Then Speaker of the House of Commons, John ...

Brexit explained: What's causing the ‘divorce’ deadlock
1 month ago

The #Brexit negotiations are coming down to the wire, as the United Kingdom is scheduled to leave the European Union on March 29. The issue? Neither side ...

Brexit explained for confused Americans
1 month ago

The Washington Post's Hannah Jewell explains Brexit for Americans who aren't sure what's going on – and are worried it's too late to ask. Subscribe to The ...

Will There be a Third Meaningful Vote? - Brexit Explained
5 days ago

Last week May attempted to get her deal through the House of Commons for a second time. It didn't go to well for her. So only naturally she is trying to bring it ...

MPs Reject a No Deal Brexit - Brexit Explained
1 week ago

Yesterday evening (13th March) MPs voted on whether or not they supported a no deal Brexit. But things weren't that simple with Yvette Cooper putting forward ...

Brexit explained: Theresa May set for third attempt to secure deal
1 week ago

Read more at If it fails, UK prime minister has warned a lengthy delay may be needed. The results of this week's parliamentary votes ...

Today's Meaningful Vote Explained - Brexit Explained
2 weeks ago

Will May's Deal Pass Today?: Later today (12th March) MPs will get a second chance to vote on May's brexit proposal. Despite some ...

2 weeks ago

Brexit! Brexit! Brexit! It's all anyone is talking about in Britain. Do you understand Brexit? It's ok if you don't because I'm not sure anyone really understands it.

MPs Vote for Brexit Extension. What Now? - Brexit Explained
1 week ago

After a week of votes, MPs finally voted to progress with a plan for Brexit. Well... kind of. MPs resoundingly approved the government's motion to extend the ...

Brexit explained: What is the problem with the Irish border?
4 months ago

Northern Ireland is the smallest nation in the UK, but the border with the Republic of Ireland could become one of the biggest parts of the Brexit negotiations.

May's Brexit Deal Rejected by MPs, Again - Brexit Explained
1 week ago

Last night (12th March) MPs voted to reject May's Brexit deal for a second time. We discuss what happens next and how the major party leaders reacted to the ...

Brexit deal explained: What's in it? - BBC Newsnight
2 months ago

Raphael Hogarth takes a closer look at the Brexit deal Theresa May is offering to the House of Commons. Subscribe to our channel here: ...

Will MPs Vote for No Deal Today? - Brexit Explained
1 week ago

Today (13th March) MPs will face a vote on the future of Brexit. They will be asked if they want to see the UK progress without a deal and leave on the 29th of ...

Brexit, Briefly
3 years ago

Britain is leaving the European Union... or maybe not? Let's place some odds. MOAR BREXIT!

Brexit explained
3 years ago

Today the UK decide on BREXIT. What you need to know... #WhatTheFact with Yusuf Omar​ Subscribe to our channel: Follow us on Twitter: ...

Is the UK Prepared for No Deal? - Brexit Explained
2 weeks ago

With a no deal potentially on the horizon it's worth considering if the UK is ready for it. One good way to tell how prepared the government is, is through the ...

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