Police Officer Shooting Armed Suspect Caught On Camera | Body Cam
6 days ago

Officer Jeremiah Leland shot and killed an armed suspect after he charged at him with a knife. Catch full episodes of your favourite Quest shows here: ...

Body camera footage released of deadly Georgia police standoff with gunman
2 weeks ago

A clearer picture is emerging this morning of the deadly standoff between police and a gunman about 20 miles south of Atlanta Thursday morning. Police body ...

Police body camera shootings
1 year ago

Oklahoma City police on Tuesday released body camera footage from the first two police shootings of 2018.

Body camera captures police shooting of 21-year-old student
1 year ago

Dashcam and body camera footage captures University of Chicago police shooting a 21-year-old student after he charged at them with a pipe. FOX News ...

Hacking Police Body Cameras | WIRED
8 months ago

Security researcher Josh Mitchell has found numerous law enforcement body cameras are vulnerable to a wide range of attacks including live streaming from ...

Florida police release body cam video of deadly shooting
9 months ago

The Volusia County Sheriff's Office in central Florida has released the body cam video of a deadly shooting. The camera was worn by an officer who had to make ...

Near-Fatal Shooting Caught On Police Officer's Body Cam | Body Cam
1 month ago

After confronting a man leaving a store after an attempted robbery, this Police Officer's body cam catches the exact moment he was shot at by the suspect, ...

Should police wear body cameras?
4 years ago

AC360's special "Police Under Fire"discusses the issue of whether or not officers should wear body cameras.

Body-worn camera Review: Transcend Body 10
3 years ago

A look at the DrivePro Body 10 Body-worn Security Camera. To find the current price click on one of the links below. Amazon: US: http://amzn.to/1UNsLN7 UK: ...

Fatal police shooting recorded on police body cameras
1 week ago

Body camera footage of three Jackson police officers involved in a shooting that killed a suspect that opened fire on them first.

Body cam captures man attacking deputy with knife
4 years ago

Two North Carolina sheriff's deputies were responding to a call, when a man suddenly attacked one of them with a knife. The incident, captured by a body ...

Body camera video shows encounter between police and 5 black teens in Michigan
2 years ago

Officers displayed "professionalism" throughout ordeal, police said.

Graphic police body-cam video shows Dylan Noble shooting
3 years ago

Fresno police released their body camera footage of when officers shot and killed 19-year-old Dylan Noble. The chief is asking for calm in light of recent police ...

Raw Video: Body cam captures police officer's last moments
4 years ago

Flagstaff Police have released video from a deadly police shooting. This video is disturbing and may not be suitable for all audiences. It shows the final moments ...

Police body camera footage shows YouTube shooter Nasim Aghdam sleeping in her car in Walmart parking
1 year ago

Bodycam footage shows Mountain View police officers as they interacted with Nasim Aghdam, there woman who would later be identified as the YouTube ...

Body camera footage released in fatal Eagle Point police shooting
6 months ago

A Jackson County grand jury ruled Eagle Point Police Officer Daniel Cardenas was legally justified in fatally shooting Matthew Graves inside a Carl's Jr.

Body cam video shows officer shooting bat-wielding man
2 years ago

Police released body camera footage of the moment Officer Kenny Dutschke shot Ricky Ard outside a federal courthouse in Evansville, Indiana. The officer was ...

Man shoots, kills police wearing body cam
4 years ago

A police officer responding to a domestic abuse call in Flagstaff, Arizona, was shot by the suspect. The exchange was caught by the officer's body cam.

Fresno Police Release Body-Camera Video of Fatal Shooting
3 years ago

Police in Fresno, Calif., released graphic video of its officers shooting and killing a white, unarmed 19-year-old named Dylan Noble after he repeatedly ignored ...

Police body cam captures violent arrest of belligerent man in Vineland
3 months ago

William "Billy" Oslin, 59, suffered a fractured skull during an arrest in front of Inspira Medical Center in Vineland Jan. 12, 2019. Vineland police tackled Oslin, ...

Body-cam footage shows slain radio host's husband pulling gun on cops
1 year ago

June 13, 2017: Police body-cam footage shows a stand-off between authorities and Dr. James Kauffman, the husband of the slain radio host found fatally shot in ...

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