Near-Fatal Shooting Caught On Police Officer's Body Cam | Body Cam
2 weeks ago

After confronting a man leaving a store after an attempted robbery, this Police Officer's body cam catches the exact moment he was shot at by the suspect, ...

Florida police release body cam video of deadly shooting
8 months ago

The Volusia County Sheriff's Office in central Florida has released the body cam video of a deadly shooting. The camera was worn by an officer who had to make ...

Muskogee Police body cam footage (contains adult language)
3 months ago

Body cam footage released by the Muskogee Police Department regarding an incident on Dec. 28 at the Wal-Mart at 1000 W. Shawnee.

Man shoots, kills police wearing body cam
4 years ago

A police officer responding to a domestic abuse call in Flagstaff, Arizona, was shot by the suspect. The exchange was caught by the officer's body cam.

Shooting At An Escaping Criminal To Save A Colleague | Body Cam Cops
1 year ago

A Police Officer uses a last resort method to save his colleague from a fleeing criminal, all caught on body cams. Catch full episodes of your favourite Quest ...

Graphic body cam footage puts cop shooter in jail
2 years ago

A South Carolina prosecutor says this body cam footage is what helped convict Malcolm Antwan of attempted murder. He shot Officer Quincy Smith eight times.

Body cam captures man attacking deputy with knife
4 years ago

Two North Carolina sheriff's deputies were responding to a call, when a man suddenly attacked one of them with a knife. The incident, captured by a body ...

Body Cam video from deputy killed in Logan County
2 years ago

Logan County Sheriff's released the body cam video of David Wade and his conversations with Nathan LeForce before LeForce pulls a gun. Edited for time.

Police body cam captures violent arrest of belligerent man in Vineland
2 months ago

William "Billy" Oslin, 59, suffered a fractured skull during an arrest in front of Inspira Medical Center in Vineland Jan. 12, 2019. Vineland police tackled Oslin, ...

Body-cam footage shows slain radio host's husband pulling gun on cops
1 year ago

June 13, 2017: Police body-cam footage shows a stand-off between authorities and Dr. James Kauffman, the husband of the slain radio host found fatally shot in ...

Fatal Police Shooting Captured by Officer Body Cam [GRAPHIC VIDEO]
3 years ago

The family of Freddy Centeno say he suffered from mental health and drug problems. SUBSCRIBE to ABC NEWS: Watch ...

Body cam video shows man shot by Chicago police was armed
8 months ago

The Chicago police department released body camera video after protests erupted following the recent police shooting of Harith Augustus. Be Smarter. Faster.

Body cam video shows moment police breached Las Vegas shooter's hotel room: Part 1
3 months ago

One year after the Las Vegas shooting left 58 dead and hundreds injured, survivors, first responders and hotel security describes what happened inside the ...

Body cam footage shows county jail warden get pulled over for drunk driving
6 days ago

The warden of the Essex County Correctional Facility resigned last month, a day after he was charged with driving under the influence in Middlesex County.

Minneapolis Police Release Bodycam Video From The Fatal Blevins Shooting | TIME
8 months ago

Authorities in Minneapolis released body camera video Sunday from two police officers in the fatal shooting of a 31-year-old black man, with the footage ...

Wildwood police release body cam footage of woman's violent arrest at beach (Full video)
10 months ago

Wildwood police released three pieces of footage from the body cam that shows a woman's violent arrest on the beach on Memorial Day. Find the story on ...

Bodycam captures shooting of Georgia cop in Lavonia
2 years ago

Police in Georgia have released body camera footage of a Monday shooting that left two officers wounded. The suspect was captured about two miles from the ...

PKA 431 w/ Dick Masterson - Escort  Sent to Wings, Body Cam Failure, Ice Poseidon FBI Raid
3 days ago

Sponsors: Guest Social Medias: ...

Dramatic bodycam footage from shootout with gunman released
1 year ago

Florida officers hailed as heroes after confronting reportedly mentally ill man who had just killed a man he believed was hitting on his imaginary girlfriend.

New body cam video of Alton Sterling shooting
12 months ago

Baton Rouge police release new body cam video of the 2016 Alton Sterling shooting.

RAW: Police body cam video shows viral arrest case
11 months ago

The defense attorney for a Colorado State University student released this body camera footage from the student's arrest in Fort Collins on April 6, 2017, which ...

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