Colorado police release body cam video of De'Von Bailey shooting
4 days ago

Colorado Springs police have released body camera footage showing the moment officers shot a black 19-year-old. The officers said they thought De'Von ...

Police bodycam footage of Devon Bailey's death gives rise to more questions
5 days ago

The Bailey family's lawyer says the 19-year-old black man, who was shot in the back while running from police and died at a hospital later on, was unarmed.

Police Officer Shooting Armed Suspect Caught On Camera | Body Cam
4 months ago

Officer Jeremiah Leland shot and killed an armed suspect after he charged at him with a knife. Catch full episodes of your favourite Quest shows here: ...

Body cam footage: Deputy shoots suspect who entered his police car
6 days ago

Read the story: The Sonoma County Sheriff's Office released body cam footage of an officer-involved shooting involving a ...

Near-Fatal Shooting Caught On Police Officer's Body Cam | Body Cam
5 months ago

After confronting a man leaving a store after an attempted robbery, this Police Officer's body cam catches the exact moment he was shot at by the suspect, ...

Sacramento police shooting body cam released | Full news conference (Friday June 21)
2 months ago

Sacramento Police Officer Tara O'Sullivan shooting: Friday, June 22 news conference Body cam footage of another officer is played. Chief Daniel Hahn and Sgt.

Disturbing Body Cam Video Shows NJ Cop in Deadly Shooting Firing on Car Repeatedly | NBC New York
3 months ago

A Newark police officer is facing manslaughter charges after prosecutors say he shot and killed a man fleeing a traffic stop earlier this year. The Essex County ...

Florida police release body cam video of deadly shooting
1 year ago

The Volusia County Sheriff's Office in central Florida has released the body cam video of a deadly shooting. The camera was worn by an officer who had to make ...

Police body cam captures violent arrest of belligerent man in Vineland
7 months ago

William "Billy" Oslin, 59, suffered a fractured skull during an arrest in front of Inspira Medical Center in Vineland Jan. 12, 2019. Vineland police tackled Oslin, ...

Shooting At An Escaping Criminal To Save A Colleague | Body Cam Cops
2 years ago

A Police Officer uses a last resort method to save his colleague from a fleeing criminal, all caught on body cams. Catch full episodes of your favourite Quest ...

Bodycam: Kalamazoo officers cleared in plasma center fatal shooting
4 months ago

FULL STORY: On March 12, 2019, Brandon Stacey entered Grifols Biomat plasma donation center in downtown Kalamazoo, ...

Body cam footage shows what lead to indicted Newark cop fatally shooting driver during chase
3 months ago

Police video shows the traffic stop and pursuit that lead to Newark Officer Jovanny Crespo fatally shooting the driver and injuring the passenger Jan. 28, 2019.

Man shoots, kills police wearing body cam
5 years ago

A police officer responding to a domestic abuse call in Flagstaff, Arizona, was shot by the suspect. The exchange was caught by the officer's body cam.

Body-cam footage shows slain radio host's husband pulling gun on cops
2 years ago

June 13, 2017: Police body-cam footage shows a stand-off between authorities and Dr. James Kauffman, the husband of the slain radio host found fatally shot in ...

Graphic body cam footage of police officer shooting 2 dogs
2 years ago

Minneapolis police released graphic body cam footage of an officer shooting two dogs. CBS Minnesota reports. Subscribe to the "CBSN" Channel HERE: ...

Las Vegas Shooting: Watch cop's body cam of dramatic chase, shoot-out
1 year ago

From Las Vegas Police: "The body worn camera footage seen in this clip documents the final minutes of the chase as the suspects fire 34 shots at officers along ...

Police Release Body Cam Video In Deadly Teen Shooting
5 days ago

De'Von Bailey was shot and killed by Colorado Springs Police.

Fatal Police Shooting Captured by Officer Body Cam [GRAPHIC VIDEO]
3 years ago

The family of Freddy Centeno say he suffered from mental health and drug problems. SUBSCRIBE to ABC NEWS: Watch ...

Body cam shows what happened when police pulled over Yankees GM Cashman
6 days ago

Police in Darien, Connecticut released body cam video of last week's incident in which Yankees GM Brian Cashman was forced out of his car by police officers ...

Girl Pepper Sprayed by Police [BODY CAM FOOTAGE]
3 years ago

Police bodycam footage shows officers pepper-spraying a 15-year-old girl following a bicycle accident with a vehicle in Maryland. SUBSCRIBE to ABC NEWS: ...

Watch Fort Worth police's body cam footage as domestic violence suspect holds children hostage
4 weeks ago

The footage, edited to exclude images of the three people held hostage before a Fort Worth officer fatally shot Markeyvion Devonte Cannon, shows officers ...

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