2 days ago

BIOWARE have lost TWO Lead Producers in one week now. Ben Irving from Anthem earlier and on Friday Fernando Melo Lead Producer on Dragon Age 4 and ...

The DOOM of Anthem: Lead Producer LEAVES BioWare as Features Flop & EA Stays SILENT
3 days ago

What a sad state of affairs. All appears ill for Anthem, the game that was supposed to be EA's big "10 year" project. Yet amongst all the doom and gloom, there is ...

Anthem Future Still Looks Bleak As Lead Producer Leaves Bioware Amidst Troubled Post Launch
4 days ago


What The Hell Happened? Two Lead Producers QUIT Bioware
2 days ago

Bioware #EA What The Hell Is Going On At Bioware? Two Lead Producers Left In THREE DAYS Of Eachother...

Lead Producer on Dragon Age, Fernando Melo, leaves Bioware after 12 years
2 days ago

DA4 2.0 (Morrison) isn't done yet. So, it's a great time to leave! Fernando Melo's profile at Bioware's blog: ...

Anthem: Finally EXPOSED! + Bioware's Response!
5 months ago

Now we finally have some answers from Bioware Staff themselves on what happened with Anthem's development. Here are our thoughts and discussion on the ...

4 days ago

Ben Irving (who I will refer to in the video as Ben Irvine to trigger people, lol) has QUIT Bioware and his role of Lead Producer of ANTHEM. How long does this ...

What The Hell Happened To BioWare?
6 months ago

There are some studios in this industry that command a level of respect and trust just on the basis of their names, their histories, and their brand. There's not a lot ...

Anthem Lead Producer Ben Irving leaves Bioware
5 days ago

Another week, another bad news story for Anthem. Ben Irving was at Bioware for 8 years in the Austin studio, and considered working there a dream job.

All Bioware Games Ranked From Worst To Best
3 months ago

Though the road has been rocky for BioWare over the last few years, due to missteps and troubles that have become well documented by now, there's ...

Why BioWare May Never Release Another Game
3 months ago

Yeah, we've heard about the roadmaps detailing the future of Anthem. And, sure, they keep saying they're in it for the long haul… but the fact is, there's already ...

The Disastrous Development Of Anthem Revealed | How BioWare Burned Staff & Wasted Years
5 months ago

Jason Schrier has released a massive report detailing the development process of Anthem, a game that was in development for 7 years, experienced multiple ...

A Video About BioWare Working Staff To Tears And Calling Its Mental Abuse "Magic" (The Jimquisition)
4 months ago Kotaku published an instant hit of game journalism, How ...

Главный продюсер ANTHEM СВАЛИЛ из BIOWARE?! Все очень плохо...
3 days ago

Видеокамеры (Россия) - Видеокамеры (Украина) - Мой ОСНОВНОЙ канал:

What Happened to BioWare?
5 months ago

Check out As Always for extra content☆ This Video is Powered By Patreon Producers: King Richard III Ikraik Seth Josh ...

Anthem: The Story Behind What Went Wrong
5 months ago

What went wrong with Anthem? Ever since the launch of BioWare's new online loot shooter, fans have been asking just how it turned out to be so… mediocre.

Dragon Age 4 & The Future Of BioWare With EA: The Ugly Behind The Scenes Look
4 months ago

Welcome to the Systems Alliance. My name is Jexy. A behind the scenes look at BioWare and their relationship with EA, along with their development troubles ...

BioWare KILLED OG Dragon Age 4 With Anthem, Turning DA4 Into An EA Live Service | Mass Effect Return
4 months ago

BioWare shut down their first attempt at Dragon Age 4 in order to save Anthem, with the current version, codenamed Morrison, being a 'live game made with ...

Why Anthem Failed. Bioware Is A Mismanaged and Stressful Mess According to Kotaku.
5 months ago

Jason Shcrier from kotaku wrote an article today where he interviewed 19 ex bioware developers who spoke about the culture at the company. They talked ...

EA's Huge Trouble - BioWare's Anthem E3 Mocked, Battlefield V Chaos, EA Claims FIFA Never P2W Trash!
2 months ago

BioWare briefly discusses Anthem at E3 2019, Battlefield 5 faces trouble & EA's crazy FIFA Ultimate Team microtransaction defense! Enjoyed it? Give it a ...

BioWare's Anthem Is Dead, Bethesda's Fallout 76 Excuses/Lies & Red Dead 2 Online Means No Story DLC
2 months ago

The latest from the biggest live-service games to release within the last year from Bethesda, Rockstar Games & EA BioWare! Enjoyed it? Give it a LIKE!

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