Gas prices in B.C. set North American record
2 months ago

High gas prices in B.C. have set the North American record. The highest reported price for regular Friday was 169.9 cents per litre in White Rock, where gas is ...

Why gas prices in B.C. are so high
2 months ago

Gas prices in British Columbia are high for reasons not limited to taxes. Less refining capacity and growing demand are also causing some of the highest fuel ...

B.C. gas prices set record for highest in North America
1 year ago

B.C. gas prices have soared in recent days, enough to set the record for the highest prices ever in North America. Even with the cost of fuel rising, Canadians ...

B.C. drivers hit with record gas prices
2 months ago

After weeks of seeing prices at the pump steadily increase, drivers in B.C. are now seeing gas prices hit record highs of $1.69.9 per litre in some areas.

Gas prices hit record highs in Metro Vancouver
3 months ago

Gas prices have hit record highs in Metro Vancouver with some areas seeing a 12-cent increase. B.C.'s premier suggests the record prices are due to a number ...

Troubled Waters: BC's Gas Boom
6 years ago

Wilderness Committee Climate Campaigner Eoin Madden travels to northern British Columbia to witness firsthand the impacts that the gas industry -- and a ...

Kenney's threat to 'turn off the taps' in B.C. is inching closer to reality
2 months ago

Jason Kenney has said that in the first hour of becoming Alberta premier he will aim to "turn off the taps" to B.C., restricting the flow of oil and gas to the province ...

Troy Bilt TB42 BC gas powered Brush Cutter Grass Trimmer Review
2 years ago

Review and demonstration of the new Troy-Bilt Model TB42 BC Brush Cutter and String Trimmer. Cuts through the grass at idle takes out suckers around trees ...

Gas prices reach a new record-high in Vancouver
2 months ago

Metro Vancouver drivers were hit with a three cent hike overnight. When can they expect to see some relief? Subscribe to CTV News to watch more videos: ...

High B.C. gas prices have no simple answer
1 month ago

High gas prices in B.C. have no simple answer, according to a report published by the National Energy Board. The NEB released a snapshot of the issue ...

Why Canadians cross the US border to buy gas | Keean Bexte
3 weeks ago

As gas prices in British Columbia rise, many are crossing the US border to fill their tanks. Keean Bexte of The Rebel reports: #Gas #Prices #BritishColumbia ...

Alberta bill could raise B.C. gas prices
1 year ago

Gas prices in B.C. could be on the rise as Alberta has introduced a bill that would give its government the ability to retaliate against B.C. for any delays to the ...

Why are gas prices so high in British Columbia?
1 year ago

At the CTF's 20th annual Gas Tax Honesty Day, BC Director Kris Sims explains that taxes are one of the biggest reason why gas prices are so high in British ...

Another Record High For Gas In B.C.
2 months ago

The pain at the pump is real, and it has never hurt so much in B.C. Greg Harper is in Vancouver finding out how drivers are coping.

Dainty orcas and foreign meddling cause BC fuel price headaches | Sheila Gunn Reid
1 month ago Sheila Gunn Reid of reports: Residents of British Columbia are escaping the carbon tax by filling up Jerry cans of gasoline ...

B.C. gas prices jump for long weekend
1 year ago

Gas prices in B.C. jumped ahead of the long weekend and now sit at over $1.50 per litre, putting the brakes on some drivers' plans. Welcome to The National, ...

High gas prices in B.C. spur drivers to rethink travel plans
1 month ago

The price of gas in Metro Vancouver is hovering around $1.70 a litre. High prices have spurred many drivers to reconsider their travel and vacation plans.

The National for April 14, 2019  —  B.C. Gas, Alberta Election, Kashechewan Evacuation
2 months ago

Welcome to The National, the flagship nightly newscast of CBC News »»» Subscribe to The National to watch more videos here: ...

Fanny Bay Oysters, BC Chefs, BC Seafood, BC's Gas
2 years ago

Chef Chris Andrazza, Fanny Bay Oyster Bar, Cambie, Vancouver. "Vancouver's only tide to table oyster bar and shellfish market." “read more: ...

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