Former President Barack Obama Sends Letter Honoring Nipsey Hussle | NBC News
1 week ago

Nipsey Hussle's business partner and friend Karen Civil reads a heartfelt letter from former President Barack Obama honoring Hussle. » Subscribe to NBC ...

Barack Obama's final speech as president – video highlights
2 years ago

The US president makes his final speech before leaving office, addressing crowds of supporters in Chicago on Tuesday night. Subscribe to Guardian Wires ...

Former President Barack Obama And Joe Biden Reunite At Washington Bakery | NBC News
9 months ago

Former President Obama and former Vice President Biden reunited at Washington's Dog Tag Bakery on Monday. The former political pair had lunch at the ...

Former President Barack Obama honors Sen. John McCain
8 months ago

Former President Barack Obama paid tribute to Senator John McCain. He spoke at the memorial service at Washington National Cathedral on Saturday morning ...

Watch President Barack Obama's full farewell speech
2 years ago

President Barack Obama delivered his farewell address Tuesday from Chicago, where he launched his political career eight years ago. NewsHour's Judy ...

Raw Video: Barack Obama's 2008 acceptance speech
6 years ago

In 2008, Sen. Obama addressed the crowd after becoming the first African-American elected president in U.S. history. Watch Election Night 2012 at ...

"Obama out:" President Barack Obama's hilarious final White House correspondents' dinner speech
3 years ago

As President Obama gets set to leave office, take a look back at one of his most memorable moments when he didn't hold back in his final speech at the White ...

Barack and Michelle Obama wave goodbye to Washington
2 years ago

After saying goodbye to President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump, former President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama boarded Marine ...

President Barack Obama's Full Inauguration Speech 2009 | The New York Times
6 years ago

President Barack Obama emphasized responsibility in his Inaugural Address. Please visit in order to embed this video Subscribe on ...

President Obama Talks The First Lady
3 years ago

President Barack Obama spilled details on how he and the First Lady work things out.

Barack Obama And Joe’ Biden's Unforgettable Bromance | NBC News
2 years ago

From running mates to life-long friends, President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden have formed an enduring bromance. » Subscribe to NBC News: ...

President Barack Obama's best moments on camera
3 years ago

As Barack Obama prepares to say a final farewell to the Oval Office, we look back at some of the most popular clips that feature his best moments on camera as ...

Barack Obama's words of advice for Kanye West - BBC News
4 years ago

Barack Obama offers some words of advice for Kanye West, who has announced his intention to run for presidential office in 2020. Subscribe to BBC News ...

Michelle & Barack Obama are Boring Now
5 months ago

Michelle Obama talks about being unemployed and boring, Barack having a messy office, which celebrities she texts with most often, writing her new book ...

Ex-girlfriends share glimpse of a young Barack Obama.
7 years ago

A glimpse into Barack Obama's early years from ex-girlfriends who are sharing their stories. CNN's Mary Snow has more.

Michelle Obama on Firing Staffers, Running for Office & Barack's Work Ethic
5 months ago

Michelle Obama talks about receiving a Stevie Wonder album from her grandfather, what she'd do if she had wanted someone in Barack's administration fired, ...

Town Hall with President Barack Obama and Steph Curry
2 months ago

President Obama joins a town hall with Steph Curry and young men of color take the opportunity to ask questions about his upbringing, his advice and what he ...

Author Dave Eggers in conversation with President Barack Obama
5 months ago

President Obama is interviewed by author, publisher and philanthropist Dave Eggers. Born in Chicago, Eggers has turned literary success into social change, ...

President Barack Obama Hasn't Called Kanye
4 years ago

President Obama talks about Kanye West and contradicts something Kanye said about him. SUBSCRIBE to get the latest #KIMMEL: ...

President Barack Obama on Tweeting and Smartphones
4 years ago

The President comments on his seating arrangement, reading Mean Tweets and why he has to use a Blackberry. SUBSCRIBE to get the latest #KIMMEL: ...

RARE MOMENTS: US President Barack Obama and his Kenyan family
4 years ago

RARE MOMENTS: US President Barack Obama and his Kenyan family. Watch KTN Live Follow us on ...

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