ASMR | Brushing Away Your Stress
1 day ago

Brushy brushy brushy ^_^ Let me take care of that for you! I really liked doing the ~plucking away your anxiety~ so, I wanted to try something similar! Brushing ...

ASMR At Home Doctor (Gloves, Cranial Nerve Exam, Personal attention, Light trigger...)
5 hours ago

Welcome to my new ASMR video! This video includes a cranial nerve exam, glove sounds, personal attention, light triggers, scratching, breathing, face touching, ...

7 hours ago

SAS-ASMR X2 3Dio Binaural (Ear to Ear Eating Sounds) SASVlogs ...

ASMR Top 10 Triggers
1 day ago

Ricardo Milos roleplay? The Top 10 ASMR Triggers for Sleep & Relaxation! 0:00 Trailer 0:46 Intro 1:59 Witches Fingers 4:30 Mic Brushes 8:23 Little Bird's Pillow ...

1 day ago

In today's video I am eating edible AirPods most oddly satisfying eating sounds you'll ever listen to.. and don't worry - this is a prank video, made with fondant ...

ASMR Girl and Wolf Give you Tingles πŸΊπŸ’€
7 hours ago

Join me for a relaxing session featuring my wolf (alaskan malamute) who will help me try and give you the tingles and help you relax and sleep. Lots of ear to ear ...

ASMR Sleep Destination πŸ›«
2 days ago

Welcome to ASMR Airlines! Today we'll offer you drinks and snacks and help you have a relaxing flight experience through meditation :) Music: ...

8 hours ago

Hello everyone, Every word I say to you, I'm always in hope you grasp my intentions and direction for this beautiful journey I get to call OUR CHANNEL.

ASMR - RAW HONEYCOMB ~ Sticky Eating Sounds & Whispering ~
1 day ago

HEWWO welcome to my first sponsored video!! Today we are eating raw honeycomb :3 It is Acacia honeycomb from Great Bazaar. You can get this kind from the ...

2 days ago

π—¨π—£π—Ÿπ—’π—”π——π—¦ π—˜π—©π—˜π—₯𝗬 𝗠𝗒𝗑𝗗𝗔𝗬, π—ͺπ—˜π——π—‘π—˜...

ASMR Doing My FAKE NAILS (Tapping, Hand Movements)
2 days ago

Hey flower children!!! Thanks for watching this video! ⭐ I love you and you are amazing. I appreciate your support ❀ I'm so grateful for all of you. You guys ...

ASMR ICE Cold TINGLES! ❄️ Ice Tapping & Scratching, Ice Spheres & Cubes, Unique Sounds (NO TALKING)
3 days ago

ASMR #ASMRMagic #Tingles Hello Tonight I have an experimental no-talking ASMR session for you, using lots of different ice triggers ❄ I've seen a few ice ...

ASMR | Men's Pampering Service | 60fps
4 days ago

I am proud to be working with Dollar Shave Club on this lovely Sponsored Saturday! Go to to try your first Ultimate Starter ...

ASMR Sleep Destination 8 HOURS πŸ›«
2 days ago

Welcome to ASMR Airlines! Today we'll offer you drinks and snacks and help you have a relaxing flight experience through meditation and stay asleep with ...

ASMR 7 Deeply Relaxing Sounds for Sleep & Study (No Talking) πŸ’€
3 days ago

Hiya! I hope you guys are doing great :) Welcome to my 200th ASMR video! 40+ minutes of just sounds, no talking. ⏰ Time stamps are in the comments below, ...

3 days ago

Welcome you! In tonight's video I help you to unwind and relax ready for the perfect night sleep! Now listen on Spotify: ...

ASMR | Intense Ear Attention - Sounds for Sleep | 60fps
6 days ago

Wooooo-eee! It's been a while since one of these! ^_^ For those of you who don't particularly love roleplays...thank you for sticking it out x) This is some good old ...

ASMR 10 Underrated Triggers
5 days ago

Welcome to my new ASMR video! This video includes cellophane, beads, lid sounds, keyboard sounds, button sounds, inaudible whispers, crinkles, ear ...

ASMR Giving You a Braingasm
5 days ago

Your brain might explode after this.. 0:00 Trailer 0:48 Sensitive Ear tapping and mouth sounds 5:18 Intense Ear Massage with Headphones 10:23 More Ear ...

ASMR Dog Reviewing Different Types of Food #5 I MAYASMR
3 days ago

We're back with a new episode of Maya's food review! :) Info: All tested foods were checked for safety on the American Kennel Club website before feeding.

ASMR Slow Comforting Personal Attention (up close whispers, "shhh," hand movements)
3 days ago

Hello my Sound Soulmates! I hope you are well and are taking care of yourself. If not, I hope this can give you some comfort and relaxation. In this #ASMR video ...

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