#Brexit: Theresa May says EU has granted extension to UK over Article 50
1 day ago

UK Prime Minister Theresa May says an extension on Article 50 has been granted by the EU and they will work towards getting a Brexit deal done before May 22 ...

LIVE: Urgent Question on Article 50 extension.
22 hours ago

UPDATE: Emily Thornberry is now asking an Urgent Question on the 2018 deaths on the Gaza border. LIVE: Matthew Pennycook MP asks an Urgent Question ...

Donald Tusk: short article 50 extension possible only if MPs pass Brexit deal
3 days ago

The EU will give a short article 50 extension only if MPs pass the Brexit deal, says Tusk. If there is a positive vote on the withdrawal agreement in the Commons ...

Brexit extension: 'We are at the moment of decision' - BBC News
1 day ago

EU leaders have agreed on a plan to delay the Article 50 process, postponing Brexit beyond 29 March. The UK will be offered a delay until 22 May, if MPs ...

EU leaders to decide fate of Article 50 extension | Raw Politics
5 days ago

"When the UK decided to leave the European Union, it was the decision made with some consequences," said Slovenia's foreign minister. … READ MORE ...

Tusk: Article 50 extension ‘possible’
3 days ago

Donald Tusk has said a short extension of #Article50 would be possible but "conditional on a positive vote on the withdrawal agreement in the House of ...

U.K. Brexit Minister Says Article 50 Extension Is Not Inevitable
2 months ago

Jan.16 -- U.K. Conservative Member of Parliament Robin Walker reacts to U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May surviving a vote of no confidence in her government.

Theresa May's #BrexitBetrayal (Article 50 Extension)
2 days ago

Kris Hicks and Carl Benjamin (Sargon of Akkad) discuss the latest Brexit betrayal by Theresa May and the requested extension of Article 50 to June 30.

Belgium: Article 50 extension must avoid EU remaining 'hostage' to Brexit - Macron
17 hours ago

Subscribe to our channel! rupt.ly/subscribe French President Emmanuel Macron spoke at a press conference at the end of the European Council in Brussels on ...

Donald Tusk: article 50 extension would be a 'rational solution'
4 weeks ago

The president of the European council, Donald Tusk, has suggested that the EU would back extending article 50 if a Brexit deal was not passed soon. Tusk was ...

EU will be receptive to a ‘short’ Article 50 extension, but will it be extended further?
1 week ago

For the latest videos on Brexit ▷️https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLiuPElZAFyTJPnWgOdYxo6-LLd7sKXJS1 With the UK in a tight corner, after a series ...

Theresa May: 'Any extension to article 50 reopens the deal'
4 months ago

The prime minister gives evidence to a Commons committee on the Brexit negotiations, telling senior MPs that talks with the EU would have to be reopened if the ...

MPs vote overwhelmingly to delay Brexit
1 week ago

MPs have instructed Theresa May to seek an extension to the withdrawal process from the EU, delaying Brexit beyond 29 March. Earlier in the day, MPs voted ...

Brexit: MPs will get vote in March on extending article 50 if no deal agreed
4 weeks ago

Theresa May tells parliament that if she fails to get approval for her Brexit deal by 12 March then MPs will be given a vote on 13 March on leaving without a deal.

BREXIT: Urgent questions about extension to Article 50
5 days ago

UK's House of Commons, MPs discuss Brexit, including Article 50 Brexit negotiation extension procedure. What are the top stories today? Click to watch: ...

Steven Woolfe: "The EU won't extend Article 50 beyond 22nd of May"
1 week ago

"The EU don't want to extend Article 50 beyond the 22nd of May for the EU elections because they don't want Britain involved" says Steven Woolfe MEP after the ...

Brexit: May statement on future votes and Article 50 extension - BBC News
4 weeks ago

Theresa May has promised MPs a vote on delaying the UK's departure from the EU or ruling out a no-deal Brexit, if they reject her deal next month. Mrs May is ...

Labour MP calls for extension of Article 50
4 months ago

Labour MP Lisa Nandy says it would be "inconceivable" for her to vote up Theresa May's Brexit deal - despite her constituency having a strong Leave vote.

Brexit: Will MPs vote for an Article 50 extension?
1 week ago

Subscribe to France 24 now: http://f24.my/youtubeEN FRANCE 24 live news stream: all the latest news 24/7 http://f24.my/YTliveEN Observers call it the "Brexit ...

EU reportedly ready to extend Article 50 and delay Brexit
2 months ago

RT's Polly Boiko has more on the news that the EU is reportedly ready to extend Article 50 and delay #Brexit. Like what you see? Please subscribe ...

France: Article 50 extension requires ‘clear perspective’ from Britain – Macron
3 weeks ago

Subscribe to our channel! rupt.ly/subscribe French President Emmanuel Macron said the Article 50 cannot be extended unless Britain has “a clear perspective ...

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