BREXIT: Urgent questions about extension to Article 50
16 hours ago

UK's House of Commons, MPs discuss Brexit, including Article 50 Brexit negotiation extension procedure. What are the top stories today? Click to watch: ...

EU leaders to decide fate of Article 50 extension | Raw Politics
15 hours ago

"When the UK decided to leave the European Union, it was the decision made with some consequences," said Slovenia's foreign minister. … READ MORE ...

EU will be receptive to a ‘short’ Article 50 extension, but will it be extended further?
4 days ago

For the latest videos on Brexit ▷️ With the UK in a tight corner, after a series ...

Steven Woolfe: "The EU won't extend Article 50 beyond 22nd of May"
5 days ago

"The EU don't want to extend Article 50 beyond the 22nd of May for the EU elections because they don't want Britain involved" says Steven Woolfe MEP after the ...

Corbyn: Extending Article 50 is 'now inevitable' - BBC News
6 days ago

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says MPs have ruled-out both a no-deal Brexit and the prime minister's deal. He says extending Article 50 is now inevitable.

What is article 50? | Brexit and the EU referendum explained
3 years ago

The only legal way for a Brexit – or for any member state to withdraw from the European Union – is by triggering an obscure and controversial clause in the ...

Article 50 vote: MPs decide whether to delay Brexit deal | ITV News
5 days ago

MPs will first vote on amendments to the prime minister's Brexit delay motion before voting on an extension to Article 50. More coverage at ...

MPs vote overwhelmingly to delay Brexit
5 days ago

MPs have instructed Theresa May to seek an extension to the withdrawal process from the EU, delaying Brexit beyond 29 March. Earlier in the day, MPs voted ...

Brexit: MPs will get vote in March on extending article 50 if no deal agreed
3 weeks ago

Theresa May tells parliament that if she fails to get approval for her Brexit deal by 12 March then MPs will be given a vote on 13 March on leaving without a deal.

LIVE: MPs debate Article 50 extension
5 days ago

Get the latest headlines: and are websites of The Telegraph, the UK's best-selling ...

Donald Tusk: article 50 extension would be a 'rational solution'
3 weeks ago

The president of the European council, Donald Tusk, has suggested that the EU would back extending article 50 if a Brexit deal was not passed soon. Tusk was ...

Brexit: why a delay to Article 50 process looks likely
3 weeks ago

Try the Financial Times for 4 weeks for just £1. Start your trial now - FT editor Lionel Barber and political commentator Robert Shrimsley look ...

Corbyn reacts after MPs vote to extend Article 50
5 days ago

twitter media studio Like what you see? Please subscribe FOLLOW ON TWITTER: FOLLOW ON ...

Brexit: Will MPs vote for an Article 50 extension?
5 days ago

Subscribe to France 24 now: FRANCE 24 live news stream: all the latest news 24/7 Observers call it the "Brexit ...

What is Article 50? | CNBC International
3 years ago

EU leaders are waiting on the UK to invoke Article 50 to begin leaving the EU, but what exactly is Article 50? ----- Subscribe to CNBC International: ...

Article 50: defusing the Brexit time-bomb | PunkFT
2 years ago

Watch 'Article 50: defusing the Brexit time-bomb' and more on The EU and UK are squaring up for a tough battle as Brexit ...

Article 50 triggered: "The start of a long goodbye"
2 years ago

The Prime Minister has triggered Article 50 after her letter to European Council President Donald Tusk was delivered by Ambassador Sir Tim Barrow in Brussels.

Live: MPs debate Brexit amendments ahead of Article 50 extension vote | ITV News
5 days ago

MPs are debating four amendments ahead of another crunch Brexit vote on whether to request an extension of Article 50. More coverage at ...

U.K. Brexit Minister Says Article 50 Extension Is Not Inevitable
2 months ago

Jan.16 -- U.K. Conservative Member of Parliament Robin Walker reacts to U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May surviving a vote of no confidence in her government.

UK: Article 50 extension 'final betrayal of whole sorry story' - UKIP leader
5 days ago

Subscribe to our channel! Supporters of the UK Independence Party (UKIP) protested outside the House of Commons in London on Thursday ...

Brexit: May statement on future votes and Article 50 extension - BBC News
3 weeks ago

Theresa May has promised MPs a vote on delaying the UK's departure from the EU or ruling out a no-deal Brexit, if they reject her deal next month. Mrs May is ...

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