7 Year Old's First Time Shooting AR-15
5 years ago

UPDATE: In the light of many recent shares this video has seen a surprising amount of national attention. My daughter is now 10 years old, still enjoys trips to the ...

I Killed Thanos With GREEN AR!
11 months ago

Thanos is actually not that strong! Lets get Thanos with just an AR. There is a strategy to have a good chance of getting the Gauntlet when it drops.. Try this and it ...

*NEW* HEAVY AR Gameplay in Fortnite Battle Royale
6 months ago

SUPPORT A CREATOR GIVEAWAY - https://gleam.io/9Xa2d/lazarbeam-is-a-good-guy-so-heres-money fresh - https://www.twitch.tv/mrfreshasian SUB TO BE A ...

4 years ago

LIKE WHAT YOU SEE? CONSIDER PURCHASING A MAN CAN: https://goo.gl/Vam7yR AMAZON Store: https://amzn.to/2H7Lq6Y PATREON: ...

HoloLens 2 AR Headset: On Stage Live Demonstration
2 months ago

For all the best in AR and VR News: http://www.uploadvr.com Follow us for up-to-the-minute updates: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/uploadvr/ ...

Pirates Say AR!  (song for kids about the "ar" sound)
4 years ago

WWW.HARRYKINDERGARTENMUSIC.COM ...or find me on Teachers Pay Teachers! www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Harry-Kindergarten-Music HARRY ...

AR-15 Beginner's Guide
2 years ago

A guide to buying, choosing, and understanding an AR-15 AR Accessories Use code "704Tactical" for 5% off your entire OpticsPlanet.

This 9mm AR 15 Pistol is STOOPID CHEAP.....
2 days ago

Today we're going to find out if the STOOPID CHEAP 9mm AR 15 Pistol Conversion is a viable option or not. I have a few concerns....To make this 9mm Ar 15 ...

My AR-15 Story: Why I Needed My AR-15
6 years ago

PLEASE READ*** ***(TABLET & SMART PHONE USERS)*** Aaargo Jay on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/AaargoJay Aaargo Jay on Facebook: ...

AR-15 Pistol | Custom Radical Firearms 7.5"
2 years ago

Check out my little flame thrower! Radical Firearms 7.5" 1:7 5.56 RF FQR Quad Rail AR Pistol with SB15 Forged Mil-Spec Upper Receiver features M4 feed ...

How An AR-15 Rifle Works: Part 2, Function
2 years ago

A simple 3d animation of how the basic AR-15 semi-automatic rifle functions. Watch Part 1 to see the components.

What is an AR Pistol?
10 months ago

In this video I quickly run through some of the laws in what makes an AR Pistol different from an SBR (Short barreled rifle) Keep in mind these laws I run through ...

Best AR-15 For The Money (Under $450)
1 year ago

Update Valid till 12/31/17 An Overview of the Best AR under $450 Upper/Kit Link Alpha Shooting Sports USE CODE 704 Ammo Support Surplusammo Music ...

Turning your AR-15 into a mini Gatling Gun! (GAT CRANK) | Super SlowMo 4K
3 years ago

T-Shirts & More!: http://j.mp/MiculekShirts More info on gat crank: http://www.twozprecision.com Jerry shows us how you can take your ordinary gat and turn it into ...

Top 5 AR-15's Under $500 Dollars
2 years ago

This video takes a look at the 5 best AR-15 s , that are built well and are so cost effective , they all come in under $500 dollars. Check out our expanded website ...

I Made an Untraceable AR-15 'Ghost Gun' In My Office | WIRED
4 years ago

WIRED senior writer Andy Greenberg puts new homemade gunsmithing tools to the test as he tries three ways of building an untraceable AR-15 semi-automatic ...

Top 3 Best First AR-15 Rifles
3 years ago

Grab yourself some official GLS Gear Merchandise at www.glsgear.com. If you want to learn more about shooting, check out my eBook, "The Ultimate Beginner's ...

12 hours ago


Full Auto AR-15 vs Steel 55 Gallon Drum (Full Auto Friday)
3 months ago

It's Full Auto Friday! For today's video we shoot a steel 55 gallon drum full of water with a full auto AR-15! I hope you enjoy the video and thanks for watching!

Vietnam M16A1 vs Modern AR-15
5 months ago

https://gunmagwarehouse.com/ Big Daddy Unlimited Link https://lddy.no/5cbn Crye JPC https://amzn.to/2CFjKp6 Surefire Light https://amzn.to/2BOyBNR Frank ...

$3,000 AR-15 vs $1,000 AR-15: Lightweight Carbines Compared (with DocTacDad)
3 years ago

Is a $3000 premium, lightweight AR-15 really that much better than a $1000 AR-15? DocTacDad and I aim to find out. Check out DocTacDad's video about his ...

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