Indonesia - Security forces fire on student rally
2 years ago

(12 May 1998) T/I: 10:48:11 Indonesian security forces on Tuesday (12/5) opened fire on a student protest demonstration in Jakarta, wounding at least 10 people ...

Another Day Of Heavy Fighting Russia: Chechnya: Grozny - 1995
4 years ago

Grozny has been rocked by another day of heavy fighting - the ninth day of the Russian offensive to take the Chechen capital. Artillery rounds were fired every ...

Fishing Jamaican style
4 years ago

(28 Jul 2009) AP Television Hellshire Beach, Kingston, Jamaica - 16 June 2009 1. Wide of Hellshire beach 2. Mid of fishing boat 3. Close of bird 4. Wide of ...

US Marine injured by IED near Fallujah
4 years ago

(6 Nov 2004) 1. UPSOUND: (English) "Who's hit?", soldier approaches tank with injured soldier 2. Various of injured soldier slouched over tank 3. Various of ...

4 years ago

Natural Sound As Indonesia's lawmakers prepare to choose who will be the country's next president, various territories remain in chaos. In Ambon, at least two ...

Anti government protest in Haiti, shops looted
2 months ago

(13 Feb 2019) Hundreds gathered in downtown Port-au-Prince Tuesday to demonstrate against economic mismanagement and corruption and to ask for ...

4 years ago

NB: LATIN AMERICA 2 (BULLETIN 21:00 - 21:30) NOT RECORDED Spanish/Nat Mexico's President Ernesto Zedillo is under further pressure at home after ...

Government and rebel forces in fighting
4 years ago

1. Exterior of empty building in Meureudu Village in Pidie District with Indonesian army soldiers shooting towards building while under fire 2. Soldiers moving ...

Black Passengers Kicked Off Plane Accuse Airline of Discrimination
3 years ago

Spirit Airlines is being accused of racism after seven black passengers were kicked off a flight from Los Angeles to Dallas. A passenger who shot cell phone ...

4 years ago

Natural Sound Zairean Tutsi rebels are advancing on key government-controlled towns driving the government troops into the hills. The government's ...

Severe weather disrupts air travel across US
4 days ago

(15 Apr 2019) Thousands of flights have been cancelled across the United States because of stormy weather. It caused cancellations and delays at a number of ...

Indonesia - Reactions to Suharto's resignation
4 years ago

T/I: 10:32:28 Students occupying the Indonesian parliament erupted in shouts of "Freedom at last" Thursday (21/5) amid wild jubilation as they celebrated the ...

President of Chile visits Haiti
2 years ago

(28 Mar 2017) Chilean President Michelle Bachelet travelled to Haiti on Monday for talks with government and UN officials weeks before the start of her country's ...

Tiananmen Square: man stands in front of tank 1989
4 years ago

Tiananmen Square 3 June 1989, includes iconic footage of man who stood in front of a tank in protest. 1. Soldiers guard palace pan to students occupying ...

WRAP  AP cover of attacks on Mumbai hotels
4 years ago

1. Armed forces standing by car 2. Pan to Taj Mahal hotel, AUDIO: Gunfire 3. Various of media and others lying ground at sound of gunfire 4. Indian commandos ...

US official accuses NKorea of going on charm offensive
1 year ago

(6 Feb 2018) RESTRICTION SUMMARY: AP CLIENTS ONLY ASSOCIATED PRESS - AP CLIENTS ONLY Geneva - 6 February 2018 1. UN Conference on ...

Yugoslavia: Kosovo: KLA Take Over Prizren - 1999
4 years ago

English/Nat As convoys of Yugoslav soldiers and Serb civilians straggle out of Kosovo, ethnic Albanian rebels are quietly moving in. The Kosovo Liberation ...

Amy Winehouse - Interview - AP Archive
2 years ago


North Korea marks birth anniversary of Kim Il Sung
4 days ago

(15 Apr 2019) North Koreans marked the 107th anniversary of the birth of Kim Il Sung in Pyongyang on Monday. They laid flowers and bowed to giant statues of ...

4 years ago

Natural Sound Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein toured the northwestern Iraqi province of Salaheddine on Thursday where he was greeted by cheering crowds.

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