Jordan B Peterson vs David Benatar - Antinatalism
1 year ago

A debate between University of Cape Town Professor of Philosophy, David Benatar, and the University of Toronto's Professor of psychology, Jordan B Peterson.

What is Anti-Natalism? (Is it wrong to have children?)
2 years ago

An explanation of Anti-Natalism, the position that it is wrong to procreate, or have children. In this video we will briefly describe Local Anti-Natalism, Global ...

Antinatalism: why the need to bring the non existing into existence?
3 months ago

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Doug Stanhope on Anti-Natalism
2 years ago

Doug Stanhope on being thrown into life.

Antinatalism - The Cruel God of Nature*
11 months ago

re upload updated version for viewing availability All religious traditions acknowledge that the world is imperfect. Where they differ is in the explanations which ...

#148 David Benatar: Anti-Natalism, Abortion, Suicide, Euthanasia, Environmentalism
2 weeks ago

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How and Why I Arrived at Antinatalism
5 months ago

On why I accept antinatalism. An answer to ForeverWolfFilms' question: Why are you an antinatalist? (The quotation from Pascal is taken from the Dover edition, ...

Jordan Peterson : "Antinatalism is cowardice".
1 day ago

In January of 2018, David Benatar and Jordan Peterson had a debate in a south african radio program. I took a part of it and made a video. I am not the owner of ...

Antinatalism | Little Ones | Security is a Myth
7 months ago

Antinatalism is a dangerous idea for a dangerous reality. "Life is a sexually transmitted disease and the mortality rate is one hundred percent." - R. D. Laing ...

Is Having Children Wrong? | Philosophy Tube
2 years ago

Is it morally okay to have babies? Anti-natalists like philosopher David Benatar would argue that nonexistence avoids pain, unlike existence, but is he correct?

Antinatalism is NOT illogical
1 month ago

You don't have to agree with a belief system to admit it is internally logically consistent. The article The ...

Freelee & Durianrider don't want kids (antinatalism & self-absorbed vegans)
3 years ago

Antinatalism is pretty popular among vegan youtubers. Freelee, Durianrider, Vegan Gains and others all saying not only that they don't like kids and that they ...

Re: "Having Kids is Selfish" | My Thoughts: Shove your Antinatalist views up ...
3 years ago

Antinatalism - Apologies for a bit of melodrama. This is a response to the claim by PlantBasedHippy(Now changed name to AmericanUnicorn) that procreation is ...

Why I Am An Antinatalist
2 years ago

This is my entry for the "Why Are You An Antinatalist Contest 2017" put on by Forever Wolf Films. Thank you to Amanda for putting on this contest every year as it ...

Antinatalism philosophy - is life worth the price
4 years ago

better never to have been antinatalism pessimism life suicide david benatar derived energy inmendham suicide true detective schopenhauer.

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