Making Sense with Sam Harris #107 - Is Life Actually Worth Living? (with David Benatar)
3 months ago

In this episode, Sam Harris speaks with David Benatar about his philosophy of “anti-natalism.” They discuss the asymmetry between the good and bad things in ...

Antinatalist Raphael Samuel Explains The Reason Behind Suing His Parents
3 months ago

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Is Having Children Wrong? | Philosophy Tube
3 years ago

Is it morally okay to have babies? Anti-natalists like philosopher David Benatar would argue that nonexistence avoids pain, unlike existence, but is he correct?

Antinatalism Debate + Post Debate Chat With Ask Yourself
2 months ago

Superhumandance and I discuss anti natalism and whether or not it's better not to exist. Post debate chanel with ask yourself begins at 2:30:40 ...

Antinatalism followup (I made a mistake)
3 years ago

Enjoy the goof at the beginning. Far too lazy to reupload. :) This is a follow-up to my recent response to Freelee's video “why I don't want kids” and critique of ...

What is Anti-Natalism? (Is it wrong to have children?)
2 years ago

An explanation of Anti-Natalism, the position that it is wrong to procreate, or have children. In this video we will briefly describe Local Anti-Natalism, Global ...

Freelee & Durianrider don't want kids (antinatalism & self-absorbed vegans)
3 years ago

Antinatalism is pretty popular among vegan youtubers. Freelee, Durianrider, Vegan Gains and others all saying not only that they don't like kids and that they ...

Jordan B Peterson vs David Benatar - Antinatalism
1 year ago

A debate between University of Cape Town Professor of Philosophy, David Benatar, and the University of Toronto's Professor of psychology, Jordan B Peterson.

Antinatalism w/ Man Show's Doug Stanhope & Joe Rogan
1 day ago

2019 Remaster of The Man Show Season 5 Episode 11 segment staring Joe Rogan & Doug Stanhope w/ a special monstrous guest making a case for ...

Doug Stanhope on Anti-Natalism
2 years ago

Doug Stanhope on being thrown into life.

Why I am an Antinatalist
3 years ago

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Ramblings on Buddhism and Antinatalism
2 years ago

Just me rambling on about Buddhism and some of the similarities between Buddhist ideas and Antinatalism. *Video ends at 21:35, for some reason it loaded ...

Antinatalism - women's culpability
12 months ago ETH wallet 0xD17F7B7CA46831952EbA25f51AdC52a74783a1f0.

Philosophical Overview of Antinatalism and Common Objections
2 years ago

An overview of the basic philosophical arguments in favor of antinatalism. This is by no means an exhaustive list, the strength of the antinatalist position comes ...

Antinatalism Live Debate - Logan Blake, inmendham, Conscientious Omnivore
1 year ago

The debate will be at 12 noon EST on Wednesday, May 9th. Check out Logan Blake's channel here ...

Antinatalism: An Evolutionary Dead End
5 days ago

Glenn Campbell responds to the antinatalist argument that no one should have children. Part of his Demographic Doom Project. ...

Caller Asks About "Anti-Natalism"
2 years ago

Caller asks about the concept of antinatalism --On the Bonus Show: Air pollution is cutting years off human lifespans, Australia kicks off a survey on same-sex ...

Why David Pearce is wrong about Antinatalism
2 years ago

David Pearce has made the claim that antinatalism cannot be a solution to global suffering because those who accept it are subject to selection pressure and ...

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