Anthem's Player Base is Gone - Inside Gaming Daily
2 hours ago

Start your 30-day Audible trial at or text INSIDEGAMING to 500-500 But hope springs eternal, doesn't it? Surely Anthem is one ...

1 day ago

With May coming to an end, the May Roadmap is still not delivered. We look at the roadmap, Cataclysm, EA PLay and E3 and what we can expect here as well ...

Anthem - Brand New Updates! Next Year of Support, DLC in 2020 and More!
6 days ago

Anthem News and Updates - We've got some brand new updates from EA about Anthem going forward into the next year and into 2020. Will Anthem go Free to ...

Anthem - Quando nessuna notizia è peggio di una brutta notizia
17 hours ago

Per seguirci: Sito web: Videogame news riportate su Facebook: Twitch: ...

Anthem - New Updates From EA and Bioware. Cataclysm Details Leak!
2 weeks ago

Anthem News and Updates - We've got some new updates from EA and Bioware about Anthem thanks to a recent financial call, plus Cataclysm leaks and more!

EA Isn't Abandoning Anthem Just Yet - IGN Daily Fix
3 weeks ago

EA isn't abandoning Anthem yet, Detective Pikachu's noir inspiration, and the king of all Xbox One consoles. Anthem Review: ...

'Leak’ Reports Anthem Sold 40% LESS & Has F2P Plan, How Ubisoft Are KILLING It & MS / Sony ALLY
6 days ago

An interesting leak about Anthem, a breakdown of Ubisoft's record financials, and far more! Supported by Patreon: Twitter: ...

ANTHEM NEWS | EA Still Committed To Support Game despite Underperforming....but For How Long?
2 weeks ago

ANTHEM - EA Still Committed To Support Game despite Underperforming....but For How Long? ➤ Buy cheap games: ...

53% Of Anthem Players Have Quit & Heads Roll At Bioware
1 month ago

A new survery in the Anthem community has NOT produced great news for electronic arts & Bioware. #Anthem #BioWare.

Anthem | Bioware's Last Bet on E3 Show Might Be a Big Mistake....
5 days ago

Any Game Giveaway ➤ Buy cheap games: ...

Anthem: Finally EXPOSED! + Bioware's Response!
2 months ago

Now we finally have some answers from Bioware Staff themselves on what happened with Anthem's development. Here are our thoughts and discussion on the ...

Anthem - New Updates!  What's Happening With April Update and Sunken Stronghold?
1 month ago

Anthem News and Updates - So what's going on with the April 2019 update and the Sunken Stronghold? We've got some new updates from EA and Bioware so ...

Anthem Leaks | Nine Strongholds, Frost Titan, New Enemies & More!
1 month ago

Anthem has had yet another major leak showing off the possibilities of up to nine strongholds being released at some point in the future. This data-leak is ...

Anthem - NEW INFO! New Javelins "Hinted" by Bioware! Their DLC Plans and Promises!
3 months ago

Anthem News and Updates - In a new interview with EA's Bioware, devs talk about Anthem's upcoming free DLC, including potential of adding new Javelins.

BioWare Is FAILING: Anthem SCRAPS It’s Roadmap, Delaying Key Features | Can It Even Be Saved?
4 weeks ago

Yikes, BioWare have had to drop Anthems roadmap, with key features such as Cataclysms being heavily pushed back. Supported Via Patreon: ...

AJS News - FF7 Remake Update, EA learns NOTHING from Anthem, Ghost Recon News & Rage 2 Marketing!
1 week ago

BACK IN STOCK AJSA Shirt! ▻ AngryJoe, OtherJoe & Alex discuss the most recent news with Final Fantasy 7, EA learning NOTHING from ...

3 weeks ago

Subscribe here! - Sources- ...

Anthem Failed So Hard that EA is Rethinking Games - Inside Gaming Daily
2 weeks ago

Get your first pair free at Hear that guys? FIVE YEARS OF ANTHEM HEADLINES! Follow us on Twitter!

The Riot Games Staff Rebellion, Anthem Just Lost Key Staff & Upset Players By REMOVING Loot & MORE!
2 weeks ago

We're off to another stacked week of gaming news! Ubisoft have a big reveal, Anthem finds itself in a funky spot, Mordhau has taken Steam by storm plus far ...

Anthem NEWS | Bioware's Last Stand to Fix Their Game, Hiring Experts to Redesign Their Game
1 month ago

Anthem NEWS | Bioware's Last Stand to Fix Their Game, Hiring Experts to Redesign Their Game ➤ Buy cheap games: ...

EA Finally Admit That Anthem's Modern AAA Method Is Breaking… Does It Mean Anything?
2 weeks ago

EA's Q1 2019 earnings call has revealed much about the company, potentially even some introspection. Patreon: Twitter: ...

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