The Subaru SVX Is the Weirdest Subaru Ever
2 months ago

GO READ MY COLUMN! The Subaru SVX is the weirdest Subaru ever. Today I'm reviewing the Subaru SVX to show you why it's so ...

Caleb's MINT Subaru SVX | EARGASMS
10 months ago

THAT EXHAUST THO! This week Caleb talks to us about his super clean Subaru SVX. The modifications aren't too extreme this time, but they definitely freshen ...

Regular Car Reviews: 1992 Subaru SVX, Part 1
4 years ago

This is the most Un-Subaru Subaru (Part 1). The SVX stands on the vanguard of unsung 90's cars. It's a flat-6, all wheel drive, low, sleek sports car...that was a ...

MotorWeek | Retro Review: '91 Subaru SVX
4 years ago

Rarely see these nowadays.

I Bought the Cheapest Subaru SVX in the USA
1 year ago

Read my column (and I read all comments) on here: ...

[WMMT5 湾岸5 英語版] RCRC Project : ALCYONE SVX Version L [CXD]
4 years ago

[WMMT5 湾岸5 英語版] Random Car - Random Chapter : ALCYONE SVX Version L [CXD] 湾岸ミッドナイト5 ランダムカー、ランダムチャプター アルシオーネSVX(CX.

Alcyone SVX Japan
1 year ago

Bagged, RWD, Subaru svx | Snyder Films
6 days ago

Song- 94.6 kys

Alcyone SVX
1 year ago

Just a short clip from a Japanese promo video.

Alcyone SVX
2 years ago

Subaru SVX Alcyone LS-L 1 Owner 3.3L F6 Flat-Six Coupe 1 Owner AWD Start Up Test Drive Review
6 years ago

Subaru SVX LS-L Alcyone 1 Owner 3.3L F6 Flat-Six Coupe 1 Owner AWD Start Up Test Drive Review Here is a very nice 1 ...

SVX With Sti 6 speed
5 years ago

This shows the engine RPM and the MPH that the gearing of this transmission uses.

SVX Resurrection/Subaru Tour
1 year ago

Blowing the cobwebs out of my 96 LSi SVX.

2 months ago

スバル アルシオーネ の2代目、SVXです。フラットシックスエンジンが見たかった! 良かったらチャンネル登録お願いします!

Subaru Alcyone SVX Japanese Used Car Auction
3 years ago

Subaru Alcyone SVX Japanese Used Car Auction - sorry I murdered the name on the video. Subarus foray into creating a luxury sports machine. Pretty radical ...

4 years ago

スバリストによるスバリストの為の情報番組「すびーちゃんねる」 アルシオーネ生誕30周年を記念して 岐阜県の中津...

SUBARU Alcyone SVX S3 '1995
4 years ago

スバルアルシオーネ SVX S3に関して 名前の由来はすばる(プレアデス星団)の中で一番大きい星の名前 「アルキオネ」にちなみ、スバルのフラ...

The Story Behind The SVX - Complete Video UnEdited
8 years ago

The Story of the SVX Complete uncut unedited Full 20 min video.

12 years ago

スバル アルシオーネ SVX.

[WMMT3DX+] Alcyone SVX with over 3 million km
3 years ago

COD hanya melayani di Mall Taman Anggrek. TIDAK melayani ditempat lain.

Subaru Alcyone SVX
7 years ago

Subaru Alcyone SVX 3.3 1991.

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