Top 5 AK Variants
4 years ago

The famous Avtomat Kalashnikova has been copied and adapted by many nations and organizations, but some shine above the rest. In this episode of TFBTV, ...

Common AK Rifle Myths
2 years ago

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AR15 vs AK47, Which is Better???
11 months ago

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Buying AK47 (AKM) or AK 74 rifles - Basic Tips
3 years ago

Because of YouTube new anti gun polices, all links from our YouTube videos were removed. Here is link to page with links (see below): ...

Chinese Type 56 AK-47 (Shooting and History)
3 years ago

Sold for $132500. One of the most common types of AK rifle in existence today is the Chinese Type 56 in its several variations, although very few of those rifles ...

How an AK-47 Works
2 years ago

A 3D animation created in Cinema 4D and After Effects showing how an AK-47 rifle works. Corona renderer was used in order to create realistic materials and ...

AK-47 Collection Overview:  IntoWeapons 2014
5 years ago

Review of AK Variant Rifles and Pistols in my yearly Gun Collection overview for 2014. I include a few non-AK pattern rifles, such as the SKS and VZ2008 as well ...

Top 6 AK 47 s Under $800
2 years ago

This video takes a look at the 6 best Ak47 s under $800 dollars in the USA. Check out our expanded website and new ...

AK Comparison and Buyer's Guide
7 years ago

What is your money getting you when you buy an AK that is $500? What about over $1000? Hopefully this guide helps! M+M INC: ...

Chinese AK vs Russian AK. What is the difference?
2 years ago

visit us at It is no accident that Kalashnikov became the most popular weapon in history. Different versions of AK were produced in ...

Rifle Dynamics Customized AK (Arsenal SGL-21): Initial Impressions
4 years ago


Russian AK-107
3 years ago

Larry checks out an automatic rifle that most people only dream of getting to shoot. The AK-107. Click here to subscribe: Click here to keep ...

Molot Vepr AK-74 Rifle Review
2 years ago

The Molot Vepr AK-74 Rifle Review. Russian made AK rifles are known for being some of the best. These are currently banned from Import because of Sanctions ...

Handmade Kalashnikov AK Rifles
2 years ago

In our third episode about the handmade small arms from the gunsmiths of Darra Adam Khel in the FATA region of northwestern Pakistan, Miles takes a look at ...

M16 vs AK 47 Rifle Comparison
4 months ago

The M16 and the AK 47, two of the world's most iconic firearms. One is the most prolific rifle in history and a symbol of revolution around the world, the other ...

AK vs AR | Clash of the Rifles
4 years ago

Uroš and Žiga decided to switch their rifles and see who's better :) Want to help us make better videos? Please go to to ...

AK-103 Vs AK-203 Rifles | What's New In Made In India AK-203 Rifles? Indian Army AK-203 Rifles
3 months ago

Here is a video about Difference between AK-103 Vs AK-203 Rifles | What's New In Made In India AK-203 Rifles? Indian Army AK-203 Rifles. AK-203 Rifle.

Is The RAS-47 Any Good? - Century Arms AK RAS-47 Review
1 year ago

In this video, I give y'all some range impressions with my new Century Arms RAS-47. (My first AK) So, is this rifle any good? In short, yes! Here are the links to the ...

The best budget AK in today's market?
3 years ago

I went looking for the cheapest functional AK pattern rifle I could find. In the current market AK prices are rapidly rising for the $350 that they were only a few short ...

Meet The Mercedes Of AK Rifles
2 years ago

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Why India Is Buying AK-103 Assault Rifles? AK-103 Assault Rifles Indian Army - Explained (Hindi)
1 year ago

Here is a video about Why India Is Buying AK-103 Assault Rifles? AK-103 Assault Rifles Indian Army - Explained. The AK-103 assault rifle is a derivative of the ...

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