Airline Baggage Fail | BUSTED!! Caught on Camera
5 years ago

I caught on camera this airport luggage fail. We all fear this is what really happens when we hand over our luggage. My Air Canada flight was overcrowded so ...

Air Canada former employee's protest downtown Montreal
7 years ago

Hundreds of Air Canada ex employees blocked a downtown Montreal, Sherbrooke street where shareholders at ACE Aviation's annual meeting approved the ...

16 Secrets Call Center Employees Won’t Tell You
3 years ago

The more upset you get, the funnier it is to me!” Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo! MUSIC The Morning Show ...

Employee DIS-Engagement at Air Canada - How to milk your customers for every penny.
8 years ago

After working for the airline for 30+ years, Air Canada still doesn't empower their staff to handle customer service issues using their own judgement.

Air Canada - Worst Customer Service Ever
1 year ago

Normally I hate to post negative videos, but the word needs to go out. I've traveled a lot and this was the worst experience I've ever had. As of this date, still ...

Air Canada strike in Montreal
1 year ago

Tue, Jun 14 - Employees with Air Canada have been off the job since midnight and already the federal government is promising to stop the strike before it takes ...

Human Resources
3 years ago

Meet Kevin Howlett, Senior Vice President of Regional Markets for Air Canada. As a part of Air Canada's executive team Kevin overseas Air Canada's entire ...

Western Canada Air Canada Holiday Video 2014
4 years ago

Thank you to all the Air Canada employees in western Canada.

Air Canada outage frustrates March Break travellers
1 year ago

Air Canada customers in Canada and around the world were unable to check in or book a flight after a malfunction in the company's system. The problem has ...

Contrails blamed for Global warming in media, Air Canada employees FAIL
8 years ago

When we see reports on "contrails" or "Chemtrails" you have to consider the delivery is something most media sources will not even print so please before the ...

Flight from hell: At least 20 Air Canada passengers injured on flight by heavy turbulence - TomoNews
3 years ago

TORONTO, CANADA — At least 20 people were reportedly injured on an Air Canada flight that was hit by heavy turbulence on Wednesday, prompting the ...

Aveos employees blockade Air Canada's head office in Montreal
7 years ago

Aveos workers, told that their jobs have been terminated, blocked Air Canada staff from entering the airline's head office in Montreal on Monday, March 19, 2012.

Air Canada systems back online after massive outage
1 year ago

Air Canada's check-in counters were back online Monday after a massive network outage stalled travellers who were trying to board their flights.

Air Canada New Livery Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner Unveil | Toronto Pearson Int'l February 9, 2017
2 years ago

IN THIS VIDEO: Hello everyone! Welcome to this video! Today, on February 9, 2017, Air Canada unveiled its new livery on the Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner in ...

AC Employee Demonstration in YVR
12 years ago

Air Canada maintenance employees march in protest to the announced layoffs of 700 maintenance employees in Vancouver.

Air Canada March 787 Rally
7 years ago

IAMAW2323, CUPE and CAW Air Canada employees 787 Rally at YYZ.

Air Canada loses woman's dog, sends email suggesting it's no big deal
5 years ago

What's worse than an airline losing a customer's dog? Sending an accidental email dismissing the mishap as being no big deal.Air Canada is working to get the ...

Wildcat Strike Hits Air Canada
7 years ago

It's happened -- again. Thousands of Air Canada passengers going nowhere. Suddenly left in the lurch at airports across the country. A wildcat strike caused this ...

8 years ago

Air Canada employees gather in front of the head office on Cote Vertu in the rain. Waiting there , the four loaded buses make their way to P.E.T. Airport and ...

Beyond Ordinary: Behind the scenes of our Air Canada Express operation
2 years ago

Take a look behind the scenes of Jazz's vast Air Canada Express operation! This video features real Jazz employees from across Canada and offers a unique ...

Air Canada Baggage Handlers VIDEO Lugagge Toss FAIL Caught On Video
5 years ago

Air Canada Baggage Handlers Luggage Toss Fail Video 'Baggage handlers' 'luggage toss' airlines luggage video Air Canada Baggage Handlers Luggage ...

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