Why This Fox & Friends Host's Husband Filed For Divorce
5 months ago

If you're new, Subscribe! → http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-Nicki-Swift Fox & Friends co-host Ainsley Earhardt and her husband, William Proctor, have separated, and, ...

Ainsley Earhardt's new book encourages kids to be empowered
2 years ago

The 'Fox & Friends' co-host's father shares his advice for parents.

Ainsley Earhardt and Mike Huckabee talk faith and family
12 months ago

'Fox & Friends' co-host Ainsley Earhardt opens up about her book 'The Light Within Me' and Mike Huckabee discusses strengthening faith, family and ...

Ainsley Earhardt talks new book, importance of having faith
10 months ago

'Fox & Friends' co-host Ainsley Earhardt joins 'Your World' to discuss her new book 'The Light Within Me: An Inspirational Memoir.' FOX News Channel (FNC) is ...

Ainsley Earhardt interviews President Donald Trump
7 months ago

'Fox & Friends' exclusive: President Trump speaks out on the Michael Cohen plea deal, Paul Manafort guilty charges and his frustrations with Attorney General ...

Ainsley Earhardt previews her interview with President Trump
7 months ago

'Fox & Friends' co-host sits down with President Trump to discuss allegations made by Michael Cohen; Ainsley Earhardt shares a look at the exclusive interview ...

Ainsley Earhardt's naughty and nice list of 2017
1 year ago

'Fox & Friends' co-anchor talks about celebrating everyday wonders and miracles on 'The Ingraham Angle.'

WATCH: Ainsley Earhardt Gets Dunked by Baseball-Throwing Nun, Sister Mary Jo
7 months ago

As seen on "Fox & Friends" The nun who launched a perfect strike at a Chicago White Sox game took aim at the "Fox & Friends" dunk tank on Tuesday. MORE: ...

Ainsley Earhardt previews her exclusive interview with Trump
2 years ago

On 'Hannity,' the 'Fox & Friends' co-host talks about her one-on-one sitdown with the president-elect.

A preview of Ainsley Earhardt's interview with Melania Trump
2 years ago

The 'Fox & Friends' co-host opens up about the sit-down on 'Hannity'

Ainsley Earhardt speaks from the 'Heart'
2 years ago

'Fox & Friends' co-host gives 'Tucker Carlson Tonight' a inside look at her new book, 'Take Heart, My Child'

Fox News Anchor Ainsley Earhardt Reveals Miscarriage in New Book
11 months ago

It's a collaboration of some of my journal entries. The ups and downs of my life, the hard times, the good times,” says Fox & Friends co-host Ainsley Earhardt.

Ainsley Earhardt: What parents can learn from kids
1 year ago

Ainsley Earhardt, 'Fox and Friends' co-host, on her book “Through Your Eyes: My Child's Gift to Me.”

Fox & Friends co-host Ainsley Earhardt separating from Will Proctor
5 months ago

Ainsley Earhardt separating from her second husband Ainsley Earhardt is splitting from her second husband after living together for six years. Ainsley Earhardt is ...

Ainsley Earhardt's take: Media ready to take down Trump
2 years ago

'The Friend Zone': A Huffington Post story declares - already - that Trump's first 100 days will be 'horrible for the planet.' Is this the kind of unfair media coverage ...

Ainsley Earhart, Jillian Mele take the Green Beret Challenge
2 years ago

Do the women of 'Fox & Friends' have what it takes?

Ainsley Earhardt Low-Key The Worst Fox & Friend?
2 months ago

In this Majority Report clip, Ainsley Earhardt: she's bad, folks! We need your help to keep providing free videos! Support the Majority Report's video content by ...

'Fox and Friends' Host Ainsley Earhardt: 'I Love Jesus and I Can't Hide That'
11 months ago

'Fox and Friends' Host Ainsley Earhardt: 'I Love Jesus and I Can't Hide That'

Interview: Ainsley Earhardt talks about hosting "Fox and Friends."
3 years ago

Ainsley Earhardt opens up about her faith, family and career. Don't miss her debut as co-host of "Fox and Friends" on Monday, Feb. 29 at 6am ET. Read more at ...

Inside Ainsley Earhardt’s interview with Melania Trump
2 years ago

'Fox & Friends' Co-Host Ainsley Earhardt on her interview with the next first lady, Melania Trump.

Ainsley Earhardt relationship with husbands Kevin Mckinney and Will Proctor.
8 months ago

Ainsley Hayden Earhardt was born in Spartanburg, South Carolina, United States of America on September 20, 1976. Ainsley Earhardt was married to Kevin ...

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