High school students under fire for Nazi salute l ABC News
1 hour ago

The California teenagers were captured on video raising the Nazi salute at an off-campus event, part of a rise in anti-Semitic incidents across the country.

New details of Jeffrey Epstein's will released l ABC News
2 hours ago

Epstein's will, signed two days before his death, names only one heir, his brother, and seeks to appoint two of his attorneys as executors of the estate.

Rhino gives chase to tourists on safari l ABC News
1 hour ago

Rian Boshoff said he thought the rhino was "going to eat us" when it charged their safari vehicle for nearly two minutes in South Africa. LEARN MORE: ...

Parents fight for custody after stopping son's chemotherapy l ABC News
1 hour ago

Joshua McAdams and Taylor Bland-Ball turned to alternative treatments including CBD oil and medical marijuana for their 4-year-old son Noah. LEARN MORE: ...

Russian nuclear monitoring stations go silent after explosion l ABC News
1 hour ago

ABC News' James Longman reports on the new concerns after word that radiation monitoring stations went silent. #ABCNews #Russia #NuclearBlast ...

How will Australia and others deal with the rise of China as a new superpower? | 7.30
10 hours ago

Recently federal coalition MP Andrew Hastie ruffled feathers when he warned that Australia should have open eyes about the potential threat China could pose.

Jail terms, fines possible under laws limiting cash use to $10,000 | ABC News
5 hours ago

Australians could face two year jail sentences and fines of up to $25000 under proposed laws that limit the use of some cash transactions to $10000. There are ...

Building in Seattle evacuated after dump truck slams into eatery
15 hours ago

Police said a mechanical failure was likely to blame for the truck losing control, hitting a pedestrian and several cars. WATCH THE FULL EPISODE OF 'WORLD ...

US man returns to Caribbean to face manslaughter charges l ABC News
1 hour ago

Scott Hapgood of Connecticut is accused of killing a worker at a five-star resort in Anguilla but claims he was protecting himself and his family.

Prince Andrew embroiled in Jeffrey Epstein scandal l ABC News
24 hours ago

Buckingham Palace described the prince as "appalled" by the allegations against Epstein after new video surfaced that purportedly shows him at Epstein's New ...

Kaepernick fires back at Jay-Z after NFL deal l ABC News
1 day ago

Former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick took to Instagram to call on people to take a stand, writing, "Stay strong Brothers!!" #ABCNews #ColinKaepernick ...

Pantaleo fired, Trump mulls tax cut, Congresswomen speak out on Israel and more l ABC News
3 hours ago

Watch “It's Morning, America” weekdays on ABC News Live. #ABCNews #EricGarner #Pantaleo #Trump #Economy.

Cracking Up: Investigating Australia's apartment building crisis | Four Corners
1 day ago

Four Corners investigates Australia's apartment building crisis -- from shoddy workmanship to lax laws -- leaving owners out of pocket and in some cases out of ...

2 adults, 7 kids injured after lighting strike l ABC News
1 day ago

The injuries came after lightning hit a tree that fell into a tent at a Pennsylvania swim club, part of a weekend of wicked weather across the country. #ABCNews ...

Government MPs alarmed over Chinese influence at Australian universities | ABC News
2 days ago

Australian universities are not doing enough to combat the influence of China's ruling Communist Party, a group of Federal Government backbenchers has ...

White House dismisses fears of a recession l ABC News
1 day ago

President Donald Trump's economic advisers have a singular message that the economy is strong, but other experts are concerned. #ABCNews #Trump ...

Strangers save woman whose wheelchair rolled off cruise ship l ABC News
1 day ago

Randolph Donovan and Kashief Hamilton are being hailed as heroes for helping to keep the woman from going underwater off the coast of St. Thomas.

The Debrief: Dangerous weather, attempted mass shooters thwarted, Hong Kong protests | ABC News
23 hours ago

SUBSCRIBE to ABC NEWS: https://www.youtube.com/ABCNews/ Watch More on http://abcnews.go.com/ LIKE ABC News on FACEBOOK ...

9-year-old bitten by shark in knee-deep water l ABC News
1 day ago

Maggie Crum was vacationing with her family in Florida when she received the bite, which required a dozen stitches on her leg. #ABCNews #SharkAttacks ...

The 'new normal' that has set up a generation for hardship | ABC News
1 day ago

Today's young Australians are in danger of being the first generation in memory to have lower living standards than their parents, according to a new Grattan ...

Trump insisting he has no concerns about the current state of the US economy
2 days ago

While the president gave his thoughts on the nation's economic strength, the ongoing trade war with China is rattling investors and impacting U.S. businesses.

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